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  • The page provides time series and map visualizations of daily mean
    Sea Surface Temperature (SST) from the

    NOAA Optimum Interpolation SST (OISST)
    dataset version 2.1. OISST is a
    0.25°x0.25° gridded dataset that estimates temperatures based on a blend of
    satellite, ship, and buoy observations. The OISST data product includes SST anomalies
    based on 1971–2000 climatology from NOAA. The datset spans 1 January 1982 to
    present with a 1 to 2-day lag from the current day. OISST files are preliminary for
    about two weeks until a finalized product file is posted by NOAA. This status is
    identified on the maps with “[preliminary]” showing in the title, and applies
    to the time series as well.

  • The time series chart displays area-weighted means of the selected domain. For
    example, if World 60S-60N is selected, then the SST values shown are area-wieghted
    means for all ocean gridcells between 60°S and 60°N across all longitudes. Hide or
    display individual time series by clicking the year below the chart; Hide All
    and Show All buttons are at the chart lower right. The map below the chart
    can be updated by clicking a point on one of the time series. The map can be switched
    between SST and SST anomaly by clicking the toggle botton at the map top-left. A sea
    ice mask is applied to the SST and anomaly maps for gridcells where ice concentration
    is >= 50%.

  • Data processing and maps are made using NCAR Command Language. The interactive time series chart is made
    using HighCharts.

  • Monthly SST visualizations for OISST and another dataset called ERSST are
    available here.

Last updated 28 April 2023

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