Why pay $8 for a checkmark when you can get one for for free?

Elon Musk has removed checkmarks from everyone now on Twitter, so I thought I’d make a web component so you can add one wherever you want!

First of all, you’re gonna need to add this JavaScript to your webpage.

Now, you can use the element wherever you want.

You can set your name on there, which will make for much better alt text like this.

You can change the colour like this.

You can change the size like this.

Or, you can use CSS Custom Properties.

:root {
  --verified-color: #ff00ff;
  --verified-size: 20rem;

Here’s some cool stuff.



Why not?

Will it work on every website?

Almost certainly not.

Is this on NPM?

No, but feel free to publish it there

Will you mantain this?

In all honesty, I’ll forget this exists within 2 weeks, so no.

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