Hey there! we launched our MVP of Finbeet.com some weeks ago. We need your valuable feedback to validate our product and make a better product.

please check our website before reading my explanations to avoid biases:

you can find it here: Finbeet.com

Our product helps busy individuals who want to invest in the crypto market. Every day they encounter thousands of ideas from people on public or specialized social media. They all claim that they are real profitable traders. But there is no way for you to check the credibility of their ideas.

we want to empower users to easily make trading decisions by separating the wheat from the chaff for you.

We made it possible by Finbeet’s algorithm, which assesses the credibility of ideas and traders from Tradingview. So they can easily find top reliable traders to follow

We also provide the aggregated analysis of the market with our AI-powered proprietary algorithms to extract the best market opportunities for users. This technology saves you time in navigating the high-risk crypto market successfully.

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