Wagner activity is taking place in Russia.

Breaking News… Wagner coup in Russia…

– The Russian Ministry of Defense denied the allegations that the private military company Wagner hit the military camps behind the front lines in Ukraine.

– Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he is aware of the situation of Wagner’s leader Yevgeny Prigojin and that necessary measures have been taken.

– Russia’s National Counter-Terrorism Committee opened a criminal case against Prigojin for “calling for an armed uprising”.

– The FSB urged the Wagner mercenaries to disobey Prigojin’s orders and take steps to capture him.

– Security measures have been increased in Moscow, government buildings and transport facilities are guarded by security forces.

– The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that after the crisis, the Ukrainian army gathered around Bahmut.

– Yevgeny Prigojin said that his men, crossing the Russian border, entered the city of Rostov and “will destroy anyone who gets in their way.”

Allegedly, the Russian mercenary group Wagner declared war on them, holding the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff responsible for the losses they suffered at the front.

In some posts circulating on social media, there is a text of a statement allegedly belonging to Wagner.

Allegedly, the Russian army and internal security units took action against the Wagner commander, who threatened to march on the Kremlin.


According to the last minute information, raids are carried out on Wagner offices in Russia.


According to the allegations in the Ukrainian media, clashes broke out on the front between Wagner and the regular Russian army units.

Here is the statement circulating on social media:

“The PMC Wagner Commanders Council made and announced the following decisions:

“The evil brought on by the country’s military leadership must be stopped.

– They neglect the lives of soldiers. They forgot the word justice, we will bring it back.

Those who destroyed our men who destroyed the lives of tens, tens of thousands of Russian soldiers today will be punished.

– We will consider anyone who tries to resist as a danger and immediately destroy them, including checkpoints on our way. And any aviation we see above our heads will also be destroyed.

-I ask everyone to stay calm, not succumb to provocations and stay at home. Ideally, those in our path don’t get out.

After we finish the job we started, we will return to the front to protect our homeland.

-Presidential office, Government, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rosgvardia and other departments will continue to work as before.

We will settle accounts with those who destroyed the Russian soldiers. And we will return to the front.

Justice will be restored in the army. After that, justice will come for all of Russia.”


Russia’s attack on Ukraine can be explained by the combination of many different factors. These include political, economic and geopolitical reasons.

Political reasons include the political crisis in Ukraine after the impeachment of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014. After Yanukovych’s dismissal, a pro-Western government was established in Ukraine, which led to a waning of Russian influence in Ukraine. Russia did not accept this change in Ukraine, annexing Crimea and supported separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Among the economic reasons is Ukraine’s natural gas debt to Russia. Russia cut off the gas flow on the grounds that Ukraine did not pay its natural gas debt, leaving Ukraine in an economically difficult situation.

Geopolitical reasons include Russia’s desire to strengthen its strategic position in the Black Sea by keeping Ukraine under control. In addition, Ukraine’s attempts to join the European Union and NATO have also increased Russia’s concerns.

In conclusion, there are many factors behind the attack on Ukraine. However, this attack is against international law and has been condemned by many countries.

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