Announced on Thursday was the Ubuntu High Performance Computing (HPC) team to promote Ubuntu Linux for running AI/ML, energy, bioinformatics, meteorology, and other workloads on Ubuntu Linux.

Posted yesterday to the Ubuntu Discourse was the team description and other information on the Ubuntu HPC team. The Ubuntu HPC team’s focus is described as:

“The Ubuntu High-Performance Computing (HPC) team aims to provide the highest quality HPC infrastructure, applications, and user experience for the Ubuntu ecosystem. HPC is the bedrock that underpins several major industries and critical research areas such as AI/ML, energy, bioinformatics, pharmacology, engineering, and meteorology. The HPC team works to provide the best free and open-source HPC stack from packaging all the way to cloud applications for Ubuntu.”

Wondering whether this was some new effort or just promoting an existing effort, the Ubuntu HPC team formalization appears to be new with the referenced Ubuntu-HPC on Launchpad having just been established last week (2023-05-18).

Intel Xeon Max with Ubuntu Linux

The Ubuntu HPC team will work on scheduling community workshops, development work to enable more HPC workloads on Ubuntu, maintaining relevant packages, develop new cloud flavors, create containers, craft more documentation, and related efforts.

Currently the Ubuntu HPC Team is staffed at five members. Those curious about the Ubuntu HPC efforts can learn more via this Ubuntu Discourse post.

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