We resurrected Xvesa from the depths of git history, and intend to maintain it with Xfbdev.

This includes bugfixes, security fixes, and occasional new features if required.


The TinyX servers fill our needs while being a lot smaller than Xorg can be made.

Why 1.2.0 and not 1.3.0?

As you know, Xvesa was killed in 1.4.0, so the latest released version would be 1.3.0.
However, they broke all input in 1.3.0 (keyboard and mouse), so the last working released 
version is 1.2.0.

There were also some changes later on that we disagree with (mandatory xinput & xkb).

Design choices

We aim for the smallest fully featured X server binary. Currently there are the vesa and 
fbdev servers, but others may appear in the future (Xmodesetting?).

- no xkb; it's bloat when console keymaps suffice
- no xinput
- no xinerama
- no gl
- TCP listening disabled by default, shadow FB enabled by default


While the original codebase is MIT, any changes here are GPLv3. Supporting closed devices
with this code is not a goal.


There's a similar tinyX fork from the Puppy folks:

In case you can't find the sources for libXfont ver 1 or other libs:

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