Originally published 26 June 2023.

Terraform Industries is proud to publicly announce the Terraformer, our product designed to produce cheap natural gas from sunlight and air. The Terraformer is a carbon-neutral drop-in successor to drilling for fossil fuels.

The Terraformer is designed to integrate directly with a standard 1 MW solar array. No grid connection, no interconnection queue. The Terraformer gets solar energy to market as energy dense, clean, cheap, carbon neutral synthetic natural gas.

The Terraformer produces 1000 cubic feet of natural gas per hour of operation. It is optimized for 25% utilization, typical for utility scale solar arrays, and in this configuration produces 6000 cubic feet/day.

Operating the equivalent of 2190 hours per year, one Terraformer produces over 2 million cubic feet of natural gas. At $10/Mcf sale price and $54/Mcf for IRA PTCs (45V, 45Q, 45E) each unit produces up to $150,000 of annual revenue.

A gigawatt-scale solar array integrated with 1000 Terraformers will produce enough natural gas to supply 20,000 homes.

A self-funding global fleet of 400 million Terraformers, rolled out over the next two decades, will provide all of humanity with permanent unconditional energy abundance for the first time in history, completing the mission of the industrial revolution.

Production starts Q2 2024.

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