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The Founders Playbook: Building Modern HR and People Teams for Growth

A M P L I F Y P R E S E N T S:

The Founder’s Playbook:

Building Modern HR and People Teams for Growth  

About the Founder’s HR Playbook

This playbook was initially created by Lars Schmidt (Founder, Amplify) for a workshop at IESE’s School of Founders Foundations of Scale course.

It was updated and open-sourced to extend the resources, tools, and resources to the broader global startup ecosystem.

Few things will make or break your startup like your people and talent strategy. This playbook will help you understand how to think about all the people considerations that can make your company thrive.

Want to go deeper? Check the appendix at the end for curated articles and resources.

How to Access the Founder’s HR Playbook

You can navigate the playbook on the above right menu, scroll through it below, or download the open-source pdf via the button below.

  • Jump to section

    Topics covered:

    Culture Framework, Understanding Culture & Values, Values Alignment, Psychological Safety = Innovation

  • Jump to section

    Topics covered:

    Build a Magnetic Employer Brand, Interview Benchmarking, Recruiting Funnel, Interview Process Optimization, Measuring Success

  • Jump to section

    Topics covered:

    Avoid Over-Hiring, The Importance of “We” Hires, HR Principles of Scale

  • Jump to section

    Topics covered:

    Factors to Consider, Actionable Steps to Build Inclusive and Equitable Team

  • Jump to section

    Topics covered:

    Internal Communications, Remote and Hybrid EX, The LLAMA Method, Engagement = Revenue

  • Jump to section

    Topics covered:

    Four Ingredients of Performance, Building Your Team’s Growth Mindset

  • Jump to section

    Topics covered:

    Understanding the Field, Impact Drivers for Modern Heads of People, Heads of People Motivations and Drivers, Tips for Hiring Your Head of People, Interview Questions, People Team Health Metrics

  • Jump to section

    Topics covered:

    Work Tech Investments, Core HR Tech Stack, Level Up HR Tech Stack

  • Jump to section

    A curated collection of external resources to support your work in these areas.

My background and why I want you to succeed.

Lars Schmidt is the Founder of Amplify, a firm that connects, develops, and empowers the next generation of transformative people leaders through HR executive search and the Amplify Academy learning and leadership development platform.

Lars has spent over 25 years in the industry, building a range of leading global companies, including NPR, Ticketmaster, SpaceX, and Hootsuite.

He’s a writer for Fast Company, author of the bestselling Redefining HR book, co-author of Employer Branding for Dummies, and Host of the Redefining Work podcast.

The foundation of your company.

How well you recruit and close talent is key to your success. Here’s how to get it right.

How to build a foundation on which you can grow (with minimal pain)

Why this is the best time to invest in DEIB

The keys to building a magnetic employee experience

How to think about performance management, Learning, and development

Your Head of People is one of your most critical hires. Here’s how to get it right.

Overview of the work tech market and suggestions on ideal HR tech stacks for startups

Building? Amplify Can Help

  • HR Executive Search

  • HR Team Training

  • HR Leadership Development

  • Advisory

a curated collection of resources to support founders

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