Get the knowledge you need

Over the course of 20 hours, Alex Muir dismantles and then rebuilds a 2001
Mazda MX5 Miata. Every part and every system is explained in incredible detail,
alongside beautiful CGI that makes it easy to understand. Professionally filmed
in 4K, with full subtitles – this course covers the practical side of a major
in automotive engineering.

14+ pro hours

Go from the basics to advanced automotive engineering using 11 sections of lessons. Every part of a car is explained.

Course Handbook

A downloadable 200-page handbook accompanies the course, with
hundreds of beautiful illustrations of every part of a modern car – including practical tips and advice.

Anytime, anywhere

A one-time payment gets lifetime access. Watch online, or in our iOS and Android apps. We’ll keep track of your progress as you master
the mechanicals of a modern motor.

Course structure

Over 14 hours of pro-quality lessons are available in the course today. These 122 lessons are arranged into 11 sections. Further lessons are added every week, with an estimated completion date of June 2023.

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