Tesla grabbing stick reacher

Tesla has started to deliver new Model S and Model X vehicles in the UK with a grabbing stick after they forced buyers to get left-hand-drive vehicles.

Last month, we were surprised to see Tesla announce that they stopped producing new Model S and Model X vehicles in right-hand-drive configurations.

The automaker decided to stop selling Model S and Model X vehicles altogether in some smaller left-hand-drive markets, like Australia, Singapore, and Thailand, and started offering right-hand-drive vehicles in bigger markets, like in the UK.

This upset many buyers who saw their orders canceled. Some of them had been waiting for years since the Model S and Model X refresh was announced to get the new vehicles. They had been waiting to get the latest Plaid top-performance Tesla vehicles.

Now Tesla buyers in the UK who decided to go through with their purchases despite the change to left-hand-drive found that it comes with a gift called “The Reacher”:

The Reacher is a grabbing stick meant for drivers to be able to reach the passenger window, presumably to grab things like parking receipts and drive-thru items (via Andrew Goodlad and Tony Wootts):

This is quite comical. Tesla cancels your order and forces you to buy a left-hand-drive vehicle if you still want a Model S or Model X, but hey, at least you get a grabbing stick so it’s basically the same thing. Right?

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