Across many different pages including science journals, ChatGPT, and many others, CloudFlare verification goes into an infinite loop of:

1. “Verify you are a human”

2. Check the box or perform some other type of rain dance

3. “Please stand by, while we are checking your browser…”

4. Repeat step 1

I'm on Fedora Linux 37 using Firefox 110.

The workaround is to use Chrome.

After experiencing this dozens of times and getting annoyed of needing to use Chrome, I finally went and deleted all my cookies and cache which I had been dreading to do.

It did not help.

I don't have a CloudFlare account so I wrote up a detailed post on their community forums. I offered a HAR file and was willing to do diagnostics. It received no responses and it was auto-closed.

It's unacceptable that CloudFlare is breaking the internet while offering no community support.

Edit: I'm in Texas. I'm not using a VPN or Tor, just AT&T Fiber. I don't have ad-blockers. No weird extensions. Nothing special (besides being on Linux).

Edit2: Since this got traction, I opened a new community post:

To be clear, I'm not against CloudFlare doing DDoS protection, etc., but it can't be breaking the internet while ignoring community posts on it.

Edit3: The CloudFlare team has engaged. Thank you HN!