Universal React Native + Web Starter Kit

From idea to shipped in less time than ever

We can’t promise everything…

Success is up to you. But we can say you’ve found the cheat code to shipping top quality web and native apps as fast as possible.

Takeout 🥡 is a bootstrap that delivers on years of effort to put together a better React Native and web stack. Powered by , within an hour you’ll be deploying on the web to Vercel and to iOS/Android app stores via Expo EAS. Featuring all new themes, 150 new icon packs, 1,500 new fonts, and much more.

iPhone screenshot of Tamagui

Speedrun from 0-to-100 🥡

(…but don’t forget the long run)

It’s not just about shipping fast.

Takeout is a template repo with a GitHub bot that lets us send PRs easily thanks to a pluggable, well-isolated architecture. Whenever we make significant updates, we trigger TakeoutBot to send a PR.

That means you get constant improvements to your codebase.

It’s why we’ve set up pricing the way we have: lifetime rights, 1-year of updates. Each year renewal is only 50% of the original purchase price. Forever pricing wouldn’t incentivize us to keep innovating, and we have big plans to make Takeout the best stack, period.

Here’s what we’re working on, coming automatically as a PR to your repo:

  • Storybook

  • tRPC

  • Screens + Components generators

  • Reanimated

  • Maestro integration tests

  • Simple state management system

  • Layout animations

  • Tamagui CLI: Doctor

  • Tamagui CLI: Upgrade

  • Playwright integration tests

  • Notifications

  • Alternative deployment targets

  • Premium font add-ons

  • Unified RN and web testing tools

  • Improved CI/CD and caching

  • Generator for MDX support

  • Generator for Replicache support

  • Generator for other databases

  • Generators for Expo Deep links

  • Generator for native modules

  • Million.js opt-in and configuration

  • Virtual lists, swipeable + sorting

  • Native menus with Zeego

  • Much more (suggest in the #takeout channel)

Take a peek


A reference design for a building a truly high quality app – that keeps improving.

We hope you enjoy.

These statements have not been approved by the FDA. Talk to your doctor before trying Tamagui Takeout. Side effects may include spending way too much time tweaking color palettes when you should be just shipping your damn app.

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