In addition, today, you can sign up for our waitlist here to access a new upcoming web experience featuring a Text-To-Video interface. This tool showcases the practical applications of Stable Video Diffusion in numerous sectors, including Advertising, Education, Entertainment, and beyond.

Exclusively for Research

While we eagerly update our models with the latest advancements and work to incorporate your feedback, we emphasize that this model is not intended for real-world or commercial applications at this stage. Your insights and feedback on safety and quality are important to refining this model for its eventual release. 

This aligns with our previous releases in new modalities, and we look forward to sharing the full release with you all. 

Our Ever-Expanding Suite of AI Models

Stable Video Diffusion is a proud addition to our diverse range of open-source models. Spanning across modalities including image, language, audio, 3D, and code, our portfolio is a testament to Stability AI’s dedication to amplifying human intelligence.

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