git clone --recursive
cd stable-diffusion.cpp

cd stable-diffusion.cpp
git pull origin master
git submodule update

cmake --build . --config Release

usage: ./bin/sd [arguments]

  -h, --help                         show this help message and exit
  -M, --mode [txt2img or img2img]    generation mode (default: txt2img)
  -t, --threads N                    number of threads to use during computation (default: -1).
                                     If threads <= 0, then threads will be set to the number of CPU physical cores
  -m, --model [MODEL]                path to model
  -i, --init-img [IMAGE]             path to the input image, required by img2img
  -o, --output OUTPUT                path to write result image to (default: .output.png)
  -p, --prompt [PROMPT]              the prompt to render
  -n, --negative-prompt PROMPT       the negative prompt (default: "")
  --cfg-scale SCALE                  unconditional guidance scale: (default: 7.0)
  --strength STRENGTH                strength for noising/unnoising (default: 0.75)
                                     1.0 corresponds to full destruction of information in init image
  -H, --height H                     image height, in pixel space (default: 512)
  -W, --width W                      image width, in pixel space (default: 512)
  --sample-method SAMPLE_METHOD      sample method (default: "eular a")
  --steps  STEPS                     number of sample steps (default: 20)
  -s SEED, --seed SEED               RNG seed (default: 42, use random seed for < 0)
  -v, --verbose                      print extra info
./bin/sd -m ../models/sd-v1-4-ggml-model-f16.bin -p "a lovely cat"

Using formats of different precisions will yield results of varying quality.

./bin/sd --mode img2img -m ../models/sd-v1-4-ggml-model-f16.bin -p "cat with blue eyes" -i ./output.png -o ./img2img_output.png --strength 0.4

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