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Excited to introduce the Allclues extension to you! This tool acts as a bridge between your web browser and the Allclues platform, leveraging AI to help capture, categorize, and retrieve web content effortlessly. By using the extension, you can directly save links, text, images, take notes to your Allclues account, thereby extending the functionality of Allclues into your browsing experience and making it easier to collect and organize information as you browse the web.

Key features:

Ask Clues AI: Clues AI is your super brain! It allows you to search using provided prompts, or ask questions like you would, to a friend or an AI assistant. For instance, you can “Summarize” to quickly understand the overview of the entire web page, or select paragraphs in the page and ask Clues AI anything you want to know about it. All dialogues with Clues AI are automatically saved to your Allclues Page. So, whenever you want to look back or dig deeper, all your previous chit-chats are right there waiting for you.

Save to Allclues: Instantly save web content into Allclues with a single click, making your Chrome browsing sessions more productive.

Intelligent Match-Up: Experience our AI-driven feature, matching and suggesting relevant pages from your Allclues account based on your real-time web activities. Furthermore, our Chrome extension ensures you never duplicate saved content by alerting you to previously saved same URLs.

Quick Note-Taking: Use our Chrome-friendly Quick Note to write down insights directly from the web pages you're browsing, preserving context and clarity.

Tailored Content Captures: Enhance your Chrome experience by selectively saving links, text, or images directly to Allclues, ensuring that you capture precisely what matters. What’s even better is that you can select multiple items in one go.

Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback as we continue to refine and expand its capabilities. Here's to more productive and insightful browsing!

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