Getting that sudden ending after reading the ‘Unknown runtime’ bit in the description somehow makes this all the more entertaining. XD

This was great, and went way deeper than I’d expected it too! Getting nigh existential in regard to what forms the creative landscape as we know it; what an important foundation for leaving a legacy the tools we have for making things really provide. New tools though… will we ever have a need for them when we can still use Flash? When there’s Ruffle too?

This was such an awesome showcase, and testament to it’s potential. With visuals way beyond the artifacts you’d traditionally relate to a Flash animation – but plenty of those nostalgic ones to at the most suitable point. Appreciate the narration!

I learned some things too, like line boiling, it’s a technique I’ve seen used but never knew the process or name of! Took me way to long just to find the onion skin feature, and later on I at some time assumed you traced frames using that to get that line boiling effect. It never looked right though. This is so much easier.

Awesome work; awesome homage! #FlashForever


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