Content-aware fill and trim for music! Free and no download needed.

Perfect length:
Shorten and lengthen a song, making it the perfect length to match a video or performance. Keep the
vibe of the song with seamless transitions and without cutting off the end too early!

Remove seamlessly:
Don’t like part of a song? Choose parts to remove and have them filled seamlessly, it’s basically content-aware
fill for audio!

On repeat:
Make an extended version of your song’s favorite part by choosing the catchy part and seamlessly repeating
part of it!

Select a local file or paste a link to start editing. No file or just exploring? Check out this example!


How can I shorten a song without cutting it?

Submit a song to Mofi and enter the new duration of the song. You can then choose from multiple
results that match your requested length. This is helpful if you need to shorten a song to match
a video you already edited.

How can I make a song longer seamlessly?

After you choose a song to edit on Mofi, you can type in the new length and export a new,
longer version.

How can I make a perfectly looping version of a song for TikTok?

After you upload the song to Mofi, you can drag to select the part you want to loop.
Click “prefer” in the menu and type in how long you want your edit to be and download it.

How can I remove a part of a song without it sounding weird?

You can use Mofi to remove a part of a song seamlessly! After adding it, select the part or
parts that you don’t like and the algorithm will remove them and try to keep the edit sound natural
and without cuts.

How do I shorten a song online for free?

Mofi allows you to shorten (or lengthen!) any song to whatever length you want for free. You
can use the website without installing or downloading another app or program.

How can I remix a song without paying for Adobe Audition?

You don’t need to pay for Adobe Audition to remix a song. Use Mofi and change the length of
a song for free online without downloading anything or creating an account.

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