Full size photos and videos, plus replies and reactions

Never share a tiny, grainy video ever again! Now send high resolution files, see reply threads, typing indicators, read receipts and share some 😂 with reactions.

Join iPhone-only group chats

Stop using clunky SMS group chats! Get a blue bubble and join your friends in group chats with features like edit, unsend, encryption and more!

Turn your Android phone number blue

Your phone number is no longer a green bubble! When iPhone friends text you, your number shows up as a blue bubble.

Fully secure, with end-to-end encryption

Your texts to iPhone friends are now encrypted. No one can read your messages, including Beeper or Apple. Learn more about security and privacy in Beeper Mini.

No Mac server in the middle (unlike the other apps)

Beeper Mini is a standalone Android app: no laptop, external server, Mac or iPhone is required.

You don’t need an Apple ID to use Beeper Mini.

How does it work?

With Beeper Mini, your phone number no longer appears as a green bubble. When iPhone friends text you, your number shows up as a blue bubble. Read our post to learn more.

Made by the people who created Pebble!

Get group chats with iPhones

Full size media, videos, and audio

Turn your phone number blue

End-to-end encrypted with no server, Mac, or iPhone required

Blue bubbles on Android

Get in the jam

Funky initial avatars

Thread replies

Beeper Mini is a standalone Android app built specifically to send and receive blue bubble messages with iPhones. It has all the chat features you expect like typing status, read receipts, full resolution attachments, emoji reactions, voice messages, editing/unsending, stickers and more.

For the first time, you can use your Android phone number instead of your email address to send messages! Your phone number will appear as a blue bubble when iPhone friends text you.

Over time, support for other chat networks will be added, turning Beeper Mini into a multi-network chat app. Read more in our announcement blog post.

How does Beeper Mini work? How secure is it?

Unlike other similar apps, Beeper Mini does not use a Mac relay server in the cloud. The app connects directly to Apple servers to send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages. Encryption keys never leave your device. No Apple ID is required. Beeper does not have access to your Apple account.

Your messages are end-to-end encrypted. Neither Beeper, Apple, nor anyone except the intended recipients can read your messages or view attachments. Read more about how Beeper Mini works.

Do I need a Mac or iPhone to use Beeper Mini?

Nope! Beeper Mini is a standalone Android app. Download it now from Google Play and see for yourself today.

You don’t need an Apple ID account to use Beeper Mini.

How much does Beeper Mini cost?

We currently offer a 7 day free trial, afterwards there is a $1.99 per month subscription. Beeper Mini is available to download today with no waitlist.

Our business model is simple – we build a great app and earn money from those who find value in it. We feel that this business model aligns our success with your goals. No ads. Complete data security and privacy. Plus, we’re incentivized to continue improving the app with new features and improvements.

Does Beeper Mini support other chat networks? What about desktop and iOS?

Soon! Over time, we will be adding all networks that Beeper supports into Beeper Mini, including SMS/RCS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Signal, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Slack, Discord, Google Chat and Linkedin. We’ll also bring Beeper Mini to desktop and iOS.

Also, we’ve renamed our original app to Beeper Cloud. We will be adding all features from Beeper Cloud into Beeper Mini (making it not so Mini after all) and after that we’ll invite existing users to transition off Beeper Cloud. Learn more about the transition on our blog.

Is Beeper or Beeper Mini affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed by, Apple, Google, or any other chat network?

No. Beeper and Beeper Mini are entirely independent software products, with no relationship to, or endorsement by, Apple, Google, or any other supported chat networks.

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