Tools tailored to your community

Your community is unique, it’s time you had a bot that matches it

🔎 Index Content Into Google

Organically gain more users by ranking at the top of Google search results

🤖 AI Question Answers

Automate answering repeat questions, with AI answers sourced from your community content.

📈 Community Insights

Understand what your community is asking the most about and where to improve your documentation

💻 Host On Your Own Domain

Boost your website’s with organic content generated by your community

And we’re just getting started

Add to your server and sign up to be notified as new features are released


Tools to scale your community support

  • Index content into Google on
  • Marking questions as solved
  • User account management
  • AI Question Answers
  • Host on your own domain*
  • Advanced analytics
  • Question validation forms

*You can start hosting content on today and upgrade at any time, all of the existing content will be redirected to your own domain.

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