Inspired by the design and UI/UX of apps like Notion, and utility of open-source apps like StackEdit, I decided to create a minimalistic, local-only WYSIWYG Markdown editor.

Some features worth highlighting:

– Monaco editor and Prettier integration for code snippets

– Tables (apparently the holy grail of WYSIWYG editing)

– Embeds (for CodePen, CodeSandbox and YouTube, most useful for HTML or JSON exports)

– Accepts Markdown paste-in, and “exports”/generates HTML, Markdown and JSON outputs

– Collaboration (with real-time awareness and initial commenting system, available only when logged in)

– GPT-3.5 integration (only when logged-in with the corresponding extension installed)

Stack used: TipTap, Solid.js, HocusPocus, Fastify, tRPC.

Some notable drawbacks:

– No mobile support

– Collaboration available only between signed-in users, in the same workspace;

– I tried my best to support most common Markdown formatting, pasting and in-editor shortcuts, though there might still be room for improvement

– Self-hosting isn't easy right now, though you should be able to figure it out from the source code

The editor itself is a standalone app, extracted from the larger Vrite CMS project ( which you can also test out (only with sign-in) here:
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