Hey there! As a software developer, I've always wished that my clients, managers, directors, and stakeholders could get a better grasp of programming. I know they can't become coding gurus overnight, but wouldn't it be awesome if they could at least understand terms like APIs, caching, and variables? I think it would make communication a whole lot smoother and help us have more meaningful conversations.
I decided to create a newsletter that explains all these tech terms in super simple language!

At first, I tried to make a newsletter just for my clients. I wanted to bridge the gap between tech-savvy folks like me and those who aren't as familiar with the ins and outs of programming. But then it hit me—why not make it available to everyone who wants to understand the tech world without having to learn how to code? So, I revamped it to cater to anyone who's curious about technology.

Each edition of the newsletter focuses on a specific tech term or concept. We'll break it down, ditch the complicated jargon, and give you real-life examples that make it all crystal clear. My goal isn't to teach you programming (that's a whole different ball game). Instead, I want to give you the knowledge you need to have better conversations and a deeper understanding of the tech that shapes our world.

So, whether you're an entrepreneur who wants to connect better with your tech team, a project manager looking to understand what the developers are talking about, or simply a tech enthusiast who wants to dive into the digital world, hop on board and let's make tech simple together!
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