I used to enjoy Translation Party, and over the weekend I realized that we can build the same feedback loop with DALLE-3 and GPT4-Vision. Start with a text prompt, let DALLE-3 generate an image, then GPT-4 Vision turns that image back into a text prompt, DALLE-3 creates another image, and so on.

You need to bring your own OpenAI API key (costs about $0.10/run)

Some prompts are very stable, others go wild. If you bias GPT4's prompting by telling it to “make it weird” you can get crazy results.

Here's a few of my favorites:

– Gnomes: https://dalle.party/?party=k4eeMQ6I

– Start with a sailboat but bias GPT4V to “replace everything with cats”: https://dalle.party/?party=0uKfJjQn

– A more stable one (but everyone is always an actor): https://dalle.party/?party=oxpeZKh5
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