This is the official code and model release for Shap-E: Generating Conditional 3D Implicit Functions.

  • See Usage for guidance on how to use this repository.
  • See Samples for examples of what our text-conditional model can generate.

Here are some highlighted samples from our text-conditional model. For random samples on selected prompts, see

Install with pip install -e ..

To get started with examples, see the following notebooks:

  • sample_text_to_3d.ipynb – sample a 3D model, conditioned on a text prompt
  • sample_image_to_3d.ipynb – sample a 3D model, conditioned on an synthetic view image.
  • encode_model.ipynb – loads a 3D model or a trimesh, creates a batch of multiview renders and a point cloud, encodes them into a latent, and renders it back. For this to work, install Blender version 3.3.1 or higher, and set the environment variable BLENDER_PATH to the path of the Blender executable.

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