Disclaimer: This is about community management and pricing. The tech, design & prototyping are all great.

Over the past few months, Replit.com has changed their pricing drastically to the point where it is
simply not

We, along with many others, have used Replit for years, however, at its current point we are all looking for

This website covers what happened, a comparison, alternatives, and community quotes to give perspective
on the current issues of the platform.

What happened?

Nerfing Hacker Plan

The cutback of “Always On” instances from five to one hit Hacker Plan users hard. This shift took many projects
offline, with users unable to pay the extra $292.20/year for 4 more always on repls.

Similarly, reducing the number of Boosts included in the Hacker Plan from five to one, and reducing base repl
specs to the same level as the free plan, unless you were actively inside the Replit workspace, left users
wondering how Replit Hacker plan could anymore be a justified expense.

Outrageous AI

Replit’s enduring focus on AI and LLMs have put them in a state of throwing money at a losing battle.
Ghostwriter is $10/month, yet it uses the same technology one can get for extraordinarily less from OpenAI.

Trending Repls have been heavily focused on AI, as well as the company’s social media accounts & most heavily,
their CEO.

However, it must be said, integrating AI has always been one of the main goals of Replit, right from day 1. It
just feels overemphasised currently. AI is undoubtedly a very interesting space in computer science right now,
however it’s not the only one. A balance should be made such that AI exists within the product and community,
but is not such an overwhelming majority of the focus as it is now.

10x Hike in Power-ups

Replit’s price hike for power-ups like Boosts and the Always On feature greatly affected its large student and
budding coder user base. The increased costs, from 2 to 70 cycles/day, for a Boost, and 2 to 20 cycles/day, for
the Always On feature, made these features less accessible, impacting the budget community.

Replit has previously been very focused on their platform being used for new coders, with their motto
“Bringing the next billion software creators online”. However, this target audience has changed recently, with
low budget beginner, student, and hobby developers being pushed away by the increased pricing.

Reserved VM Pricing & customisability

The first offender of their Deployments is Reserved VMs. For the lowest tier, you get a CPU with 2.199GHz clock speed, 1GiB of RAM,
and 10GiB of outbound data transfer.

On platforms such as DigitalOcean and AWS, they can be way

Replit deployments also don’t have live SSH, reserved IPs, choice of OS, UDP, firewall rules, and has an overall lack of customisation.

Replit.com – $6.40/month

2.199GHz/1GB RAM/10GB transfer

DigitalOcean.com – $6.00/month

2.494GHz/1GB RAM/1TB transfer

Uncompetitive Static

Replit’s static deployments is just that – static site hosting. Just one small issue, and pay attention – all
of these sites below are free.


10GiB transfer

Github Pages

100GiB transfer

Cloudflare Pages

Unlimited* transfer

*Cloudflare’s Pages obviously isn’t unlimited, however will incur terabytes of transfer before you may get a
friendly email.

Egress Limits

On April 7, 2023, Replit set egress limits across all plans. Aimed at controlling outbound data transfer, this
move faced backlash, especially from the Free tier users.

With limits set at 10 GiB for Free, 50 GiB for Hacker, and 100 GiB for Pro tiers, many found them restrictive.
Particularly those on the free plan, hosting popular projects.


$0.1/GiB, 10GiB FREE


$0.01/GiB, 500GiB FREE


The final blow came when Replit announced that your repls could only stay online when you are actively within
the workspace, now Replit Deployments stand as Replit’s only hosting option.

This decision seemed to counter Replit’s user-friendly ethos, sparking widespread confusion and shock within the
community. Especially as they promised to
never force users to move away from pingers to a paid product
, which is exactly was just been done. Users
can no longer ping their hosted repl’s repl.co url, and instead must move to the paid deployments product to
continue hosting on Replit.

Misleading Bounties

Replit proudly shows over $40,000 open in bounties, but when analysing further over 175 “open” bounties are over 4 months old, leaving an estimated $15k in bounties that aren’t stale. 64.5% of open bounties are over 4 months old, last updated 11 Oct.

Terrible community management

The 16k+ member Replit Discord community fell to bits after the moderation team wasn’t paid any more than their
Hacker plan, all nerfed and shiny at $7/month. Understandably, moderators striked, causing Replit to abandon
control of the community server altogether.

The Replit Reps program was abandoned too, with it disbanding after only 1 and a half cohort cycles.

Jams were reduced from events like Kajam and #madewithreplit to AI hackathons that a 14 year old
won with school & no prior experience. Prize pools have dropped from over $10k to around $2k per event, lowering
the incentive.

The Ultimate Comparison Table™

Replit DigitalOcean AWS
Transfer ($6/month VM) 10 GiB free, $0.1/GiB 1,000 GiB free, $0.01/GiB $0.08 – $0.2/GiB
Storage ($6/month VM) 10 GB 25 GB Depends, varies wildly
vCPUs ($6/month VM) 0.25 1 Around 2
RAM ($6/month VM) 1GB 1GB 1GB
Database (per GB) 10 GB for $1/day $0.5-$1/GB (higher, cheaper) $0.115/GB
Accessibility Very easy Intermediate, tutorials Expert, easy to lose money


Replit Github CF Pages
Storage Account-based, $0.15/GB extra 1GB 500GB (absolute max)
Transfer Account-based, $0.1/GiB extra 100GiB Unlimited


Completely Free

  1. Glitch

    • Glitch is an online coding platform that emphasizes creative and collaborative
      coding. It allows you to create and remix projects, experiment with coding, and collaborate with others in
      real time. It is, however, only suitable for building web applications.
  2. Goorm, Credit: python660

    • Goorm is a cloud-based development platform originating in South Korea that
      offers a robust set of features. It provides flexibility in choosing programming languages, database options,
      and Ubuntu OS versions. With a generous amount of storage and a daily traffic limit of 1GB, it is suitable for
      both small and medium-sized projects. The platform also supports both public and private projects.
  3. CodeSandbox

    • CodeSandbox is an online development environment tailored for web
      applications. It offers a convenient way to create, edit, and test React, Vue, and Angular projects in a
      sandboxed environment, making it easy to prototype and share code.
  4. StackBlitz

    • StackBlitz offers an online IDE for web development with features like
      real-time collaboration and instant dependency searches. It’s tailored for front-end development and supports
      popular web frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.js.
  5. Hop

    • Hop provides an online coding platform that allows you to write, compile, and
      run code in various programming languages. It offers a user-friendly interface for programming using VSCode.
  6. GitHub Codespaces

    • GitHub Codespaces integrates with GitHub repositories, enabling you to create
      and customize development environments for your projects directly in your browser. This is particularly useful
      for collaborative coding and maintaining consistent development environments across team members.
  7. Gitpod

    • Gitpod offers ready-to-code development environments for GitHub projects,
      allowing you to start coding immediately without any setup.
  8. Cyclic.sh, Credit: python660

    • Cyclic.sh is a specialized platform for hosting and running scheduled jobs or
      periodic tasks. The service focuses on ease of use and scalability, allowing you to set up, run, and monitor
      recurring tasks without the hassle of managing servers or cron jobs.
  9. Vercel

    • Vercel is a cloud platform that specializes in deploying and hosting web
      applications. It’s known for its speed and ease of use, supporting various frameworks and offering features
      like serverless functions and automatic scaling.
  10. Netlify

    • Netlify is a platform focused on web development and deployment. It offers
      features like continuous integration, automated deployments, and hosting for static sites and web
      applications. It simplifies the process of deploying and managing web projects.
  11. Cloudflare Pages

    • Cloudflare Pages is a free way to deploy static sites. It’s great for
      production-level deployment, providing you with a [project].pages.dev URL, along with support for custom
      domains and more.
  12. Static

    • Static is a platform that offers simple and fast deployment of static websites
      with a focus on performance and security.
  13. Render

    • Render is a unified platform to build and run all your apps and websites with
      free SSL, a global CDN, private networks, and auto deploys from Git.
  14. Coder

    • Coder provides an enterprise-grade development environment that allows
      developers to code from anywhere.

Credit Card Required

  1. Ionos

    • Ionos provides nice hosting for 6 dollars a month, but you can pay for an upgrade of 16 dollars to get unlimited storage and websites.
  2. Heroku

    • Heroku is a cloud platform that enables you to deploy, manage, and scale
      applications. It supports various programming languages and provides tools for continuous integration and
  3. Digital Ocean

    • Digital Ocean provides cloud services that help businesses deploy, manage, and
      scale applications. Their droplets are versatile Linux-based virtual machines.
  4. AWS EC2

    • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is a web service that provides resizable
      compute capacity in the cloud, allowing you to run applications on Amazon’s computing environment.
  5. Oracle Cloud

    • Oracle Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of cloud services, including
      computing power, storage options, and networking capabilities.
  6. Fly.io, Credit: bddylol

    • Fly.io transforms containers into micro-VMs that run on our hardware
      in 30+ regions on six continents.*

These alternatives offer a range of features for coding, collaboration, deployment, and experimentation, catering
to various development needs and preferences.

Community quotes

“I’ve already moved a ton of stuff to DigitalOcean. I won’t be coming back. I’ve had chats with team members, and
it’s clear that nothing’s changing. I’ll stay in the community, maybe use it for prototyping, but that’s about it.”
~ coding398

“Whilst Replit may be the most convenient option, you’re paying too much for tha convenience and they don’t provide
you with enough customisability of what you pay for.”
~ DillonB07

“The young aspiring developers that made Replit the company it is today ultimately have been abandoned and kicked to
the curb by the platform with rising costs and and restrictions.”
~ zavexeon

“I hope Replit reconsiders the replit.dev thing. Otherwise, it could negatively impact many users. 😔”
~ techwithanirudh

“You will need either money or a ton of cycles to host a site on Replit. Either one could be acquired by your mom’s
credit card, however you could also get cycles by completing bounties or getting tipped on your Repls.”
~ CoderElijah

“So, what? Replit is just not free anymore? Hosting on Replit was already frustrating enough with the slow speeds
and the sleepy repls, and now you’re just pulling the plug entirely? Wow.”
~ wutadamyt

“I used to use Replit a lot. But now, I can’t find myself using it in the near future. I don’t like what Replit has
done to the platform, and I am in the process of switching over to better, cheaper cloud providers.”
~ datkat21

“I was a power-user a little while back. Migration would be hell. I have tons of websites to port over, and it won’t be fun. And that’s what was amazing about Replit, you could basically make anything you wanted at any time, at any rate. It’s what kept my motivation super high, Now that motivation has dried up.”
~ EnZon3

“Replit once said that they will bring the next billion software creators
online. Recently they have been doing the opposite. It seems now that
their focus is on the professional and buisness side of things. Especially
with the AI that they are investing so much into.”
~ bddylol

Wrapping up

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