A collection listing Achievements that were rejected when creating the GitHub Profile Achievements feature.

This repository attempts to list them all.

Rejected Achievements

Title Badge (prototype) Earned by
Vital Contributor Vital Contributor Badge Over 100 issue comments consisting of just “+1” or a thumbs up emoji.
Sith Lord Sith Lord Badge Wipe out someone else’s commits by force pushing to the main branch.
Procrastinator Procrastinator Badge Created a repository with a single “init” commit with just a README.md. Then never touch it for 5 years.
Secret Santa Secret Santa Badge Accidentally commit a secret API key in a public repository.
Monkey Wrench Monkey Wrench Badge Make a commit directly to the main branch that breaks the build process.
This is Fine This is Fine Badge Over 1,000 open issues on public repositories you own.
Arborist Arborist Badge Maintain a repository that has at least 150 branches merged but never deleted (keep them around just in case).
Tee Hee Tee Hee Badge In a single “minor cleanup” commit to the main branch, change every line of every file in the repository so that all open Pull Requests are unmergeable.
Patient Skeleton Patient Skeleton Badge Submit a pull request to a public repository that fixes it, but its been open for at least 2 years.
2 FU 2 FU Badge It’s 2023 and you’ve never enabled 2FA.
Speed Reader Speed Reader Badge Review and approve a pull request that contains over 10,000 lines of code in under 15 seconds.
It’s Bad Luck It's Bad Luck Badge Merge a commit on a Friday and deploy it with GitHub Actions, then rollback the commit on the weekend.
Works On My Machine Works On My Machine Badge Suggest user error in at least 10 issue threads without attempting to reproduce end-user runtime environments.
Log This Log This Badge Have Log4j2 version 2.0-2.17 as a dependency in your project
Author’s Note
This is a joke! PRs welcome
Inspired by Schweinepriester/github-profile-achievements
Badges hacked together from the fine art at OpenMoji

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