This is so true… I have noticed that most of the returns are coming from people who have bought online without talking to a Greenvest first.

Ha ha! I had a man come in with a return of an osprey exos… he had the large/extra large and his torso was a 17… strike one… Then I asked him as I fit him into other packs, (after measuring him) what was his base weight. I was specific and said, no food or water, just the stuff you normally bring. He said 35lbs… strike 2 for the Exos… and lastly he was a large man around. A 46 inch waist and the osprey was never designed for that body type… 5’6” 300 lbs and a 17 inch torso… strike 3.

He said he came in, but when I did the exchange it was an online order… almost all of his purchases were online and he was buying all sorts of stuff not suitable for where he says he had hiked.

by the time he left, we had him sorted out and he kept saying… I should have come in first! (Remember he told me that he had been in and fit for this pack)

my guess is that the return policy will become even stricter and mostly member based. That old timers like me will stick around because we are still conditioned to the old ways and like the customer interaction. And the new people will be less and less knowledgeable and more and more unskilled.

and pay will be flat for a long time, until they can make up for all the concessions that they have given in the past 6-7 years.

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