[Submitted on 22 May 2023]

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Abstract: This paper presents Reflective Linguistic Programming (RLP), a unique
approach to conversational AI that emphasizes self-awareness and strategic
planning. RLP encourages models to introspect on their own predefined
personality traits, emotional responses to incoming messages, and planned
strategies, enabling contextually rich, coherent, and engaging interactions. A
striking illustration of RLP’s potential involves a toy example, an AI persona
with an adversarial orientation, a demon named `Bogus’ inspired by the
children’s fairy tale Hansel & Gretel. Bogus exhibits sophisticated behaviors,
such as strategic deception and sensitivity to user discomfort, that
spontaneously arise from the model’s introspection and strategic planning.
These behaviors are not pre-programmed or prompted, but emerge as a result of
the model’s advanced cognitive modeling. The potential applications of RLP in
socially-aware AGI (Social AGI) are vast, from nuanced negotiations and mental
health support systems to the creation of diverse and dynamic AI personas. Our
exploration of deception serves as a stepping stone towards a new frontier in
AGI, one filled with opportunities for advanced cognitive modeling and the
creation of truly human `digital souls’.

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