This subreddit is to facilitate organization of multiple mod teams to accomplish goals that require multiple mod teams.

Technologies utilized:

Discord – you can request access by sending us a modmail from your own subreddit’s modmail (for mods of subreddits participating in the blackout)

Twitter – @CoordMod

Reddit – r/ModCoord

IFTTT scripts

Bots as necessary


  1. No namecalling, slapfighting, bigotry. Act like an adult. First assume you misunderstood, or they misspoke. Report, don’t engage.

  2. Not everyone in here will necessarily see eye-to-eye about everything. The mods expect everyone to act like adults, the way moderators should be capable. Behavior on a different subreddit will not necessarily warrant removal from this one.

  3. Leaks are going to happen. Conduct yourself in a way where you’d be fine if your comment got posted elsewhere publicly. We can’t stop all the leaks, and we aren’t able to spend an untoward amount of time chasing them down. Don’t give them attention and they’ll more than likely go away.

  4. Do not use r/ModCoord to: directly harass other users or subreddits or coordinate bans of other users.

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