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From:   Matthias Clasen
Subject:   LibreOffice packages
Date:   Thu, 01 Jun 2023 18:30:54 -0000
Message-ID:   <>

as you've probably seen, the LibreOffice RPMS have recently been orphaned, and I thought it would
be good to explain the reasons
behind this.

The Red Hat Display Systems team (the team behind most of Red Hat’s desktop efforts) has maintained
the LibreOffice packages in Fedora for years as part of our work to support LibreOffice for Red Hat
Enterprise Linux. We are adjusting our engineering priorities for RHEL for Workstations and
focusing on gaps in Wayland, building out HDR support, building out what’s needed for
color-sensitive work, and a host of other refinements required by Workstation users. This is work
that will improve the workstation experience for Fedora as well as RHEL users, and which, we hope,
will be positively received by the entire Linux community. 

The tradeoff is that we are pivoting away from work we had been doing on desktop applications and
will cease shipping LibreOffice as part of RHEL starting in a future RHEL version. This also limits
our ability to maintain it in future versions of Fedora. 

We will continue to maintain LibreOffice in currently supported versions of RHEL (RHEL 7, 8 and 9)
with needed CVEs and similar for the lifetime of those releases (as published on the Red Hat
website). As part of that, the engineers doing that work will contribute some fixes upstream to
ensure LibreOffice works better as a Flatpak, which we expect to be the way that most people
consume LibreOffice in the long term. 

Any community member is of course free to take over maintenance, both for the RPMS in Fedora and
the Fedora LibreOffice Flatpak, but be aware that this is a sizable block of packages and
dependencies and a significant amount of work to keep up with.

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