Plan 9 in Rust

R9 is a reimplementation of the plan9 kernel in Rust. It is
not only inspired by but in many ways derived from the original
Plan 9 source code.


We use cargo and the xtask pattern to build the kernel.

To build r9 for x86_64, we assume you have cloned the git repository
somewhere convenient. Then simply change into the top-level
directory and, cargo xtask build --arch x86-64.

To build for aarch64, run cargo xtask build --arch aarch64 (Currently only Raspberry Pi 3 is supported).

There are other useful xtask subcommands; run
cargo xtask help to see what is available.

Right now, r9 is not self-hosting.

Runtime Dependencies

cargo xtask dist, which cargo xtask qemu and
cargo xtask qemukvm depend on, requires llvm-objcopy.
This is expected to live in the rust toolchain path. If
you get No such file or directory (os error 2) messages,
then install llvm separate from the rust toolchain and set:

OBJCOPY=$(which llvm-objcopy) cargo xtask qemukvm

If No such file or directory (os error 2) messages persist,
check to ensure qemu or qemu-kvm is installed and the
qemu-system-x86_64 binary is in your path (or qemu-system-aarch64 in the case of aarch64).

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