What is a Life Pro Tip?

A Life Pro Tip (or an LPT) is a specific action with definitive results that improves life for you and those around you in a specific and significant way.

Keep in mind that giving someone advice is not the same as giving someone a LPT. Advice is offering someone guidance or offering someone a recommendation.

Examples of advice:

“Always be prepared to leave your employer because they are prepared to leave you.”

“A marriage proposal should not come as a big surprise, despite what you may have seen in the movies.”

Keep in mind that an aphorism is not a LPT.

An aphorism is a a short clever saying that is intended to express a general truth or a concise statement of a principle.

Examples of aphorisms:

“A barking dog never bites.”

“No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”

“All stones are broken stones.”


  1. No rude, offensive, racist, homophobic, sexist, aggressive or hateful posts/comments.
  2. Posts must begin with “LPT” or “LPT Request” and be flaired. Titles must be descriptive. The tip and the problem it solves must be explained thoroughly.
  3. Tag tips for adult audiences as NSFW.
  4. Do not post tips that could be considered common sense, common courtesy, unethical, or illegal.
  5. Do not post tips that are based on spurious, unsubstantiated, or anecdotal claims.
  6. Posts concerning the following are not allowed: religion, politics, relationships, law and legislation, parenting, driving, medicine or hygiene (including mental health).
  7. Do not post tips in reaction to other posts. Reposts may be removed.
  8. Do not post tips that are advertisements or recommendations of products or services.
  9. Posts or comments that troll and/or do not substantially contribute to the discussion may be removed.

Note that moderators will use their own discretion to remove any post that they believe is low-quality or not considered a LPT.


Bans are given out immediately and serve as a warning.

You may appeal this initial ban by messaging the moderators and agreeing not to break the rules again.
You must acknowledge the rule you broke!

Note: Bans will not be reversed if the post/comment in question has been deleted from your history.

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