A new update for Photomator is now available, bringing a ton of fantastic new features, changes, and improvements. But hold on, did we say Photomator? That’s right — the app now has a snappier and catchier new name! To complete the makeover, version 2.3 also features a beautiful, refreshed design, but the biggest highlight of this update lies beyond the looks.

We’re excited to introduce an all-new and incredibly powerful selective adjustments feature that will completely change the way you edit photos in Photomator. From now on, you can easily select and edit specific areas of a photo using a variety of selections and masks, and even make selections automatically, using AI. There are just so many great new features in this update, so read along if you’d like to learn all about them, and stick around till the end for one more, very exciting announcement.

AI-Powered Selective Adjustments

The new selective adjustments feature in Photomator makes it easier than ever to create stunning edits, with a whole new level of creative control and precision. You can now select specific areas of a photo you’d like to edit and only make changes to those selected areas. And, thanks to an AI-powered selection algorithm, you can select common elements in photos — people, backgrounds, and skies — automatically.

With a simple tap, the AI algorithm intelligently scans the photo, finds where the subject, background, or sky is, and make a precise selection of that area for you, so you can jump into making edits right away. For example, in landscape photos where the sky is too bright, you can select just the sky and reduce its brightness without making the entire photo darker.

Gradient, Color, and Brush Selections

In addition to making automatic selections, you can also work with customizable gradient masks, select areas based on their color, or simply paint over the areas you want to edit with a brush. You can create as many selections as you like in different parts of the photo and even combine multiple selections.

Linear and radial gradients

Create straight-line or elliptical transitions between edited and unedited areas of a photo. You can easily reposition or adjust the softness of the gradients using handy, on-image controls.

Color range selections

Adjust specific colors or entire color ranges in photos by selecting them using the eyedropper tool. Even in low-resolution or heavily compressed photos, you can enjoy especially smooth transitions between colors thanks to advanced image processing technologies (the same ones we used to create the Remove Color adjustment in Pixelmator Pro!).

Brush selections

Make especially precise selections in photos by painting over them with a brush. Easily customize the brush by adjusting its size, softness, and opacity. Also, if you accidentally paint over something you didn’t mean to select, you can always erase the selection by switching to the Erase mode.

Effortless Selection Editing

When you add selections to a photo, they will appear as individual layers in the Layers browser. This makes it really easy to keep track of your edits. You can turn these selection layers on and off, and find additional options for renaming, deleting, or rearranging them. In the Layers browser, you can also use blending modes to refine the selections, combine them, or create striking artistic effects. For example, you can automatically select the subject, sky, or background in a photo and then use a brush to paint over some extra details you want to include in the selection.

This wraps up the biggest new features in Photomator 2.3. Check out our What’s New page for the full scoop on all the smaller changes included in this update. To try out the new features, head over to the App Store and make sure you’re all up to date with the latest and greatest version of Photomator.

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Photomator for Mac TestFlight Beta is Now Available

For those of you who have been eagerly waiting — Photomator for Mac is almost, almost here. For the final stretch of the journey, we’d love to invite you to become a beta tester for Photomator and help us ensure its official launch goes as smoothly as possible. Keep in mind that we have limited testing spots available, so if you’re interested in participating, fill out a quick form below for a chance to be the first to explore Photomator on Mac.

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