Documenso Supporter Pledge

Our mission is to create an open signing infrastructure that empowers the world, enabling businesses to embrace openness, cooperation, and transparency. We believe that signing, as a fundamental act, should embody these values. By offering an open-source signing solution, we aim to make document signing accessible, transparent, and trustworthy.

Through our platform, called Documenso, we strive to earn your trust by allowing self-hosting and providing complete visibility into its inner workings. We value inclusivity and foster an environment where diverse perspectives and contributions are welcomed, even though we may not implement them all.

At Documenso, we envision a web-enabled future for business and contracts, and we are committed to being the leading provider of open signing infrastructure. By combining exceptional product design with open-source principles, we aim to deliver a robust and well-designed application that exceeds your expectations.

We understand that exceptional products are born from exceptional communities, and we invite you to join our open-source community. Your contributions, whether technical or non-technical, will help shape the future of signing. Together, we can create a better future for everyone.

Today we invite you to join us on this journey: By signing this mission statement you signal your support of Documenso’s mission (in a non-legally binding, but heartfelt way) and lock in the early supporter plan for forever, including everything we build this year.

Timur & Lucas

Timur Ercan & Lucas Smith

Co-Founders, Documenso

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