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% let nota = @Smallcaps{**Nota**}

.@Definition[name: “nota”, label: nota]{

#nota is a language for writing documents, like academic papers and blog posts.


The goal of &nota is to **bring documents into the #(20 + 1)st century.**

Documents contain a lot of structure for example, “&nota” is a reference to a term defined in the preceding paragraph. &nota enables authors to *represent* that structure, which allows the reading medium (the browser) to *understand* that structure, which in turn empowers readers to *use* that structure. Try clicking on any “&nota” reference to see this idea in action. (Then try double-clicking!)

A &nota document compiles to a JavaScript program, meaning it’s easy to:

* View documents on any device that has a web browser.

* Use variables, functions, and data structures to simplify document writing.

* Integrate with JavaScript libraries like [KaTeX](https://katex.org/), [Vega-Lite](https://vega.github.io/vega-lite/), and [Penrose](https://github.com/penrose/penrose).

* Support accessibility needs like screen readers.

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