If you were wondering what getting rid of the vast majority of Twitter staff, including moderators, might do to the site, here’s one bit of anarchy for you.

After attempting something similar a few days ago, the account “vids that go hard” with 1.1 million followers has posted the entirety of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, yes the one that’s still in theaters and just crossed $1 billion at the box office, illegally to Twitter.

(Update: It appears Twitter finally woke up and deleted the video. But the vids account does not seem to have been punished in any capacity. Original article follow)

The movie is indeed the full length, uploaded in two parts. The aspect ratio is a bit messed up but the overall quality is pretty high. This is possible not only because Twitter mods appear to be asleep at the wheel (at the time of this writing, this has been up for seven hours), but because a Twitter Blue subscription now allows you to upload hour-long videos in high quality, which makes the piracy shown here much, much easier.



The Super Mario Bros. Movie rip posted here has racked up 9 million views in those seven hours it’s been online and racking up about 200,000 new views every few minutes. Obviously I don’t think this is exactly hurting the box office of the film which is one of the highest grossing movies of the year and double any other video game movie’s revenue already, but it’s more about the weirdness that Twitter has become when it’s understaffed and offering Blue subscribers tools without really thinking them through.

I am sure this will not stay online forever, but it remains to be seen if the “vids that go hard” account in question will be suspended or indefinitely banned. With 1.1 million followers it feels like a pretty big risk to throw that away, but this is Neo-Twitter, which feels a bit apocalyptic and causing users to go a bit crazy with all the changes being made.

As for the Mario movie, we’ll have to see just how high over $1 billion it can go here. There are around 50 movies that have broken $1 billion in box office revenue with the top 6 being two Avengers movies, two Avatar movies, a Star Wars and Titanic which all hit $2 billion. I doubt it will get that high, but Top 20? Top 10? Sure, maybe at this rate. And no doubt a sequel or three have already been crafted in the wake of its success. I suppose you can watch the thing on Twitter before it gets deleted, but you may just want to wait for VOD or head to a theater to see it in a non-squished ratio. And uh, legally.

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