What is Mycelite?

Mycelite is a SQLite extension that allows you to synchronize changes from one
instance of SQLite to another. Currently, it only supports one-way
synchronization, but eventually, it will support two-way synchronization.

Why would you want to synchronize multiple SQLite databases? Read on to learn.

A new type of application

There is a new type of application called local-first, which combines many of
the best features from both local and client/server applications.

What does local-first offer?

With local-first applications, you get the speed and responsiveness of a local
application, but at the same time, you get many of the desirable features from
client/server systems.

What do local-first applications look like?

A good example of a local-first application is Actual
, an open-source personal finance

What makes Actual Budget different from its competitors?

First of all, it’s very fast because all the application data is on the local
device – in a SQLite database – but what’s most interesting about this app is
that it works on multiple devices. In other words, it has apps for iOS, Android,
Windows, Mac and the Web and it allows you to make concurrent changes on
multiple devices and synchronize those changes to all your devices.

Why aren’t more developers creating local-first applications?

Actual Budget is a good example of a local-first application, but it wasn’t very
easy to build. The authors had to write a bunch of synchronization-related code,
that implements and uses
CRDTs, and
this start-from-scratch approach just isn’t practical for most situations.
Building local-first applications today is too difficult, but we’re going to
change that.


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