We know the hiring process is broken. Everyone knows this. To retain a job, you just have to do what’s required. But to get a job you need to slog, grind and get Lucky.

5 of my friends from my master’s at UT Dallas (yeah it’s the run of the mill visa university) got into Amazon by cheating on the interviews. Everyone knows Amazon new grad interviews are based on cheating.

I was like sure within 2 years all of them will get pipped. Guess what all of them are now SDE 2 in Seattle and with the recent pay bumps they are sitting pretty at 250-270k 😞😞😞

Another friend of mine cheated on interviews with Salesforce(she had a second laptop open and googled the question).

and she is now SMTS in 2 years. Not sure about her exact income but it has to be 230k at least. ☹️☹️☹️☹️

What a clownshow the interviews have become. Seriously we need to get rid of such virtual interviews and fly candidates out to onsites else my fellow friends will keep cheating.😡😡😡😡

EDIT – For those wondering how she could cheat with a second laptop.

Main laptop on which interview is held was behind the first one. And this second one was connected with a keyboard. First laptop screen is bent in order to ensure second laptop right screen is immediately visible. Neck movement is strictly avoided. Only eye movement is done to look at both the screen.

Then as the question is prompted, start typing it out on the second laptop. 50% of the times it will be already a common LC question. The Salesforce girl had all the questions on her phone screen plus onsite that were asked from LC top 100.

Just typing the keywords of the question on Google will give you the correct lC QUESTION link. Then you just read the solution quickly in 5-10 minutes (usually top voted ones as they are short and crisp). Then spit it out.

For those that are wondering how can someone read a solution in 5 minutes and understand it ? Oh well she isn’t dumb. She did solve 75-100 problems during the course of her master’s degree of 2 years. She just can’t solve any question on her own but if a solution is prompted to her then she can grasp it (unless it’s a hard LC question category).

I am not making this up, she actually did this and showed us how she did it.

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