Goliath Vise with Morphing™ Fractal Jaws

PalmControl Vise with Morphing™ Fractal Jaws

Titan Vise with Morphing™ Fractal Jaws

I have been
developing my Morphing™ Fractal jaws for years use with engraving
vises. There have been various versions. While there was an old
(early 1900s patent) milling machine vise with similar jaws, it was not
suitable for use with engraving vises. The patent pending
improvements allow for use with engraving vises and other vises.
Please be aware of imitators, as the use of jaws with an engraving vise may infringe any patent that
issues from my pending patent applications. 
Infringement Info Page

These fit various
makes and sizes of engraving vises.  Shown above larger version
with 16 fingers on the 90lbs Titan vise.  While smaller
8 finger is shown above on a 30lb Goliath and a 12lb PalmControl vise. 

It will be a
while yet before I have time to start production in quantities.  
However if you would like one you can order by placing a
down payment.   The final price of them has not been
determined.   You will be contacted when yours is ready
if you make a down payment.  At that time we will know the
price and you may pay the remaining balance or you may cancel and
have your down payment returned.  Or if at any time you
become tired while waiting you may cancel to have your down
payment returned.

Morphing™ Fractal™ Jaws for Goliath or PalmControl Vise – down
payment $75


 Morphing™ Fractal™
Jaws for Titan Vise  –
down payment $150


This is only a down payment on your order
for the jaws. It is not the final price.   This is a new
product and production has not begun.  It will be a wait
(this wait is unknown how long) before the jaws are completed and
ready.  When they are ready, the time in making and materials
will be known and the final price can be determined then.

~ Frequently
Asked Questions ~

How much do they cost?

Answer: Price is not known yet. Production has not
started and therefore not enough of them have been made to know
what the cost will be.  You pre-order with a down payment
toward the purchase, and be placed in line.  See above.

When will one be ready for me?

Answer: It will be a while yet before production in
quantities begins.

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