mdBook is a command line tool to create books with Markdown.
It is ideal for creating product or API documentation, tutorials, course materials or anything that requires a clean,
easily navigable and customizable presentation.

  • Lightweight Markdown syntax helps you focus more on your content
  • Integrated search support
  • Color syntax highlighting for code blocks for many different languages
  • Theme files allow customizing the formatting of the output
  • Preprocessors can provide extensions for custom syntax and modifying content
  • Backends can render the output to multiple formats
  • Written in Rust for speed, safety, and simplicity
  • Automated testing of Rust code samples

This guide is an example of what mdBook produces.
mdBook is used by the Rust programming language project, and The Rust Programming Language book is another fine example of mdBook in action.


mdBook is free and open source. You can find the source code on
GitHub and issues and feature requests can be posted on
the GitHub issue tracker. mdBook relies on the community to fix bugs and
add features: if you’d like to contribute, please read
the CONTRIBUTING guide and consider opening
a pull request.


The mdBook source and documentation are released under
the Mozilla Public License v2.0.

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