So, I thought it time to dive into projection mapping. My thoughts beforehand were: make a 3D model, wrap some video content to that 3D model using some software, render out a video, project that video.

The hardest part in getting from “I’m going to project something” to actually doing it was selecting the software for projection mapping.

I tried Adobe After Effects for a little bit, but then ended up settling on using a demo of Mad Mapper, which seems to be a well known tool in the industry.

After playing around with it for a little bit, I was able to create a projection something onto a box that might at least make you say, “huh” or maybe “mm”.

Having projected one thing, I feel like projection mapping is a useful tool. As a tool though, it needs to be used to create something and doesn’t necessarily imply something impressive on its own. An impressive animation, an interaction, or good story-telling need to be paired to make it into something great.

Small cheap projector borrowed from a friend

here’s the cube with a projection

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