The best API to reach humans instead of spam folders. Build, test, and deliver transactional emails at scale.

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Companies of all sizes trust Resend to deliver their most important emails.


A simple, elegant interface so you can start sending emails in minutes. It fits right into your code with SDKs for your favorite programming languages.


developer experience

We are a team of engineers who love building tools for other engineers.

Our goal is to create the email platform we’ve always wished we had — one that just works.

Test Mode

Simulate events and experiment with our API without the risk of accidentally sending real emails to real people.

Modular Webhooks

Receive real-time notifications directly to your server. Every time an email is delivered, opened, bounces, or a link is clicked.

Develop emails using React

Create beautiful templates without having to deal with

layouts and HTML.

Powered by react-email, our open source component library.

Logo Example

Hello newuser,

We’re excited to have you onboard at ACME. We hope you enjoy your journey with us. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out.


The ACME Team

Reach humans, not spam folders

Proactive blocklist tracking

Be the first to know if your domain is added to a DNSBLs such as those offered by Spamhaus with removal requests generated by Resend.

Faster Time to Inbox

Send emails from the region closest to your users. Reduce delivery latency with North American, South American, and European regions.

Build confidence with BIMI

Showcase your logo and company branding with BIMI. Receive guidance to obtain a VMC – the email equivalent of a checkmark on social media.

Managed Dedicated IPs

Get a fully managed dedicated IP that automatically warms up and autoscales based on your sending volume, no waiting period.

Dynamic suppression list

Prevent repeated sending to recipients who no longer want your email and comply with standards like the CAN-SPAM Act and others.

IP and domain monitoring

Monitor your DNS configuration for any errors or regressions. Be notified of any changes that could hinder your deliverability.

Verify DNS records

Protect your reputation by verifying your identity as a legitimate sender. Secure your email communication using DKIM and SPF.

Battle-tested infrastructure

Rely on a platform of reputable IP’s used by trustworthy senders with distributed workloads across different IP pools.

Prevent spoofing with DMARC

Avoid impersonation by creating DMARC policies and instructing inbox providers on how to treat unauthenticated email.

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Resend is transforming email for developers. Simple interface, easy integrations, handy templates. What else could we ask.

Guillermo Rauch

Guillermo Rauch

CEO at Vercel

Everything in your control

All the features you need to manage your email sending, troubleshoot with

detailed logs, and protect your domain reputation – without the friction.

Resend Dashboard - Overview

Beyond expectations

Resend is driving remarkable developer experiences that enable success

stories, empower businesses, and fuel growth across industries and individuals

Email reimagined.

Available today.

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