Owing to a combination of financial challenges over the past several years, the Board of Directors of the American Agora Foundation, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that publishes Lapham’s Quarterly, has decided that it must place the print publication on a temporary hiatus.

The hiatus will allow us to consider all options that will not only let print publication resume in 2024 but enable us to thrive in a climate that is increasingly inhospitable to print magazines focused on history, literature, and ideas—all of which we feel have never been more important.

We are committed to our loyal subscribers and apologize for the delay. The editorial contents of the next issue, themed Energy, are complete. While its physical publication is on hold, we are excited that we can make it available to subscribers in digital format in the coming weeks. 

The new issue’s Preamble was written by Lewis H. Lapham, and you can read it here. The Energy issue also features original essays and nearly one hundred historical texts alongside artworks that help bring the theme to life. In addition, the issue features a stunning collection of charts, graphs, maps, and special sections exploring humankind’s ever-changing relationship with energy.

The staff of the Quarterly and the Board of Directors of the Foundation are committed to securing the long-term viability of the magazine. Lewis H. Lapham, who is now eighty-eight, and the Board remain dedicated to the founding vision for the Quarterly, and Lewis has charged us with securing this legacy as we plan for a sustainable future.

We hope you will join us in this effort to sustain and strengthen a cultural treasure by making a tax-deductible contribution of any amount. You can use this link to make a donation today.

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