An easy, pleasant, speedy, and exciting way to use your favorite OS.


Left drawers

The drawers on the left are carefully organized to help you open the app, file, or web page you’re looking for ASAP! Some apps will have shortcuts that will save you a click or tap.

It’s also easy to get used to thanks to the consistent layout and distinct colors.

Right drawers

The drawers on the right are a quick way to use apps within the drawer. You can put any app or website you want to be always there and quickly use anytime.

Manage open apps and workspaces

The fastest way to create workspaces and switch apps between them.

Illuminated edges

When a panel is hidden, the relevant edge will show the colors of panel items. You can directly click the color, and the related item will open. You can swipe from the color on touchscreens to open a specific item.

This approach saves significant time interacting with panels, especially after getting used to the placement and color of items.

Non-disruptive notifications

Kera Desktop’s notifications are designed to avoid appearing on top of whatever you’re doing as much as possible, yet give enough information to know what they are about without interaction.

Feasible Menus

Let’s forget about those text-oriented menus that are hard to find what you’re looking for even after using them hundreds of times.

Grid-styled menus and icon-focused, color-coded items are easy to find and remember.

Interacting is even faster since Kera Desktop features “press and hold, move and release” gestured menus. Saved you a click!

Window management

You can split windows in various ways, including a 3-column mode which is especially useful for ultra-wide monitors.

You can have a window always on top or all workspaces, no problem!

Window placement

When opening a new window, Kera Desktop will identify the empty spaces on the screen and try to put the window there.

Combined window and system bars

When a window is maximized, it combines with the system bar and notifications, saving you some screen space.


Are you on the desktop? You can start typing right away. Typed “spoft” instead of “Spotify”? Go ahead, and hit Enter anyway.

We’re working on adding many features, including commands, shortcuts, and getting info, and you will get complete control over what you want or don’t. Eventually, you will get the results “you” want with fewer keystrokes.

rooms menu


It is easy to get distracted when you do many different things on the same device. Think of rooms as profiles but for the same person. You can have different rooms based on what you do and arrange them with things for only that purpose. Maybe change the wallpaper to something related to set the mood.



You can go up and running with your previous configuration nearly instantly. Also, any changes made in one device will be applied to others.

Syncing to Kera Account will be possible with zero personal information needed. That’s not the only way, either. We will support other cloud providers and self-hosting.

Try it now!

Kera Desktop isn’t ready for daily driving yet, but alpha builds are here.


We’re still in the early stages and need much support.

If you find the project exciting and would like to see it grow please consider donating.

Kera Desktop is an open-source product. Feel free to help to code and report or solve issues.

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