The Kelly Rowland/Nelly song Dilemma features an infamous scene amongst nerds where Kelly Rowland tries to send a message to Nelly using a Nokia 9210 Communicator (like this one that I just happen to have to hand):

Unfortunately, she does this using the built in spreadsheet program and receives no reply.

Recently, a TikTok indicated that she might have been using the Microsoft Excel =HYPERLINK() function to create a mailto: link to send email to Nelly. 

@xlninjadan Kelly Rowland in Dilemma by Nelly is finally justified for using Excel on her Nokia flip phone! #exceltips #xlninjadan #nelly #nellyiloveyou #kellyrowland #excel ♬ original sound – Dan Strong

Sadly, this clever idea isn’t possible. 

The spreadsheet built into the Nokia 9210 Communicator isn’t Microsoft Excel (although it can read and write Excel compatible files), it’s something call Sheet, and it doesn’t have the =HYPERLINK() function.

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