Feb 13, 2024 – Faster and more accurate instant answers. And we got a Wikipedia page! #FeaturesWe added Wolfram|Alpha to enhance our capabilities in calculations, unit conversions, and time queries for better results. This solves a huge number of issues reported for these kind of queries as the results now come from a computational knowledge authorithy.

(Wolfram Alpha integration for fact based queries #1271 @Recast)

In the same spirit of getting answers faster, now simply starting your query with an interrogative word (what, where, who, which, when, how) or just ending it with a question mark (?) will automatically trigger Quick Answer:

Video results will now feature duration, channel name and timestamp #2970 @blosh)

You can now hear how words are pronounced directly in our dictionary results, #321 @Yuu

We’ve introduced a new feature in Research Assistant that allows you to use your lenses to narrow down the scope of search results in Assistant #2147 @truethomas)

Improvements & Bug fixesSwitch between search and assistant mode without clearing the search #2390 @mackid1993Time Ascending/Descending should contextually change to facilitate understanding #1387 @kf Ctrl+V for assistant upload #3024 @Value7609Billing page does not have a way to show detailed consumption statistics on Trial plan #3052 @aochagaviaTurn Off Search Suggestions for Kids Accounts #3070 @keen_dogSearching for a unicode sequence always opens first result #3078 @cvzakharchenko Video search timestamps incorrect #3117 @Amino4873Bang completion in browser search bar #1967 @Value7609 Semicolons aren’t properly handled in the search results page #2365 @laizMarkup sneaking into calculation responses #3053 @anotherhueQuick Answer on iOS erroneously enables horizontal scroll #3166 @equalidea Flight widget “show more” does not work on mobile #3136 @stoyleCopying from Assistant while it is writing it’s answer doesn’t work #2596 @Grooty[UI] popover for paid sites does not display on Mobile #3076 @heliostaticAssistant answer format #3068 @cardinal086Pressing c while renaming a family will open the menu #3105 @catgirlinspaceQuick answer gives no answer #3108 @X145678908765Assistant citation quotation do nothing on mobile #3085 @stoyleFixed with Wolfram|Alpha computation integration Incorrect timezone conversion #2342 @Crafty9853Crypto to fiat conversation, increase floating point precision for cryptocurrency #2348 @mccowenCalculator struggling with percentages #2566 @KrmlooTime conversion using city/region/country names and current location #756 @tychoregterImprove calculator widget #2505 @EvacuatedTerminal”time argentina” uses wrong timezone #2482 @bwkagiCan’t convert “bytes to MB” #2481 @jesusWrong time #2377 @EdweisSpeed conversion widget #2362 @lumpycustardAsking from Cyprus time gives wrong answer #2032 @asolovyovCalculator widget appears to be haunted (wrong results for MANY things) #2289 @puppyGallon to oz – unknown #2212 @partlycloudyConversion to minutes fails if using min #2082 @xeophonAdd natural language maths to calculator #2061 @StarMazeCalculator gives wrong answer for 263 #1953 @rookwood101Unit converter can’t handle small numbers #1995 @ThreePointsShortRecognize comma as decimal separator #2743 @jstolarekA search for ‘Eastern Time’ brings up the wrong time zone #243 @CorlinP”Current time in ___” does not bring up time zone widget #99 @lacikawizTime zone conversion uses wrong time zone #1075 @Jake-MossTime Converter widget doesn’t account for summer time #1031 @KaiTime widget is broken #1053 @test41Time conversion is incorrect #1386 @alanbTime widget thinks Palestine is five hours ahead of Israel #2985 @cybiko123″Time in argentina” is incorrect #1379 @kagiar3pm PT is about pacific time #355 @matkoniecz’Time in Equador’ returns incorrect offset #1212 @SamSkjordClock Widget – No/Odd results for some european microstates #25 @DeucalionWrong timezone conversion for IST to CEST and wrong usage of CET/CEST #1669 @NankeruWidget for time span (e.g. “38 days from now”, “38 days from today”) #119 @yokoffingNautical miles unit conversion #1117 @dharmabCurrency conversion search too slow #1116 @TomotakeFl oz conversion does not work in all regions #1883 @monConvert kJ to Calories #2775 @gatewayWeird behavior when converting temperature #557 @trektIncorrect decimal separator for calculation results #1336 @hmndAllow commas for large numbers in calculator #136 @lacikawizTime conversion doesn’t use daylight savings #344 @rozbbNeed more decimal places in USD-BTC conversion #1256 @SKTime conversion to daylight time #1433 @matkamCurrency Conversion Error #2910 @cempackCalculator widget doesn’t support shortenings of storage units (GB vs gigabyte) #1642 @GrootyWrong calculator results when region set to Singapore #1216 @bhMath calculations round to 0 after e8 #2767 @rudyfinkCalculator ignores commas. #2323 @guissmoIn other newsKagi got a Wikipedia page!

Feb 8, 2024 – Ultimate features available for Family / Duo plans #FeaturesWe’re happy to announce that Family and Duo plan members can now upgrade to Ultimate plan features for just $15 per month. per family member upgraded. The Ultimate plan includes access to the latest AI models, such as GPT-4/GPT-4-Turbo, Claude 2.1 (100k) and soon Gemini Ultra. To upgrade your account or that of another member, simply visit the “Members” section under Family Settings. #2024 @nucleardog

Kagi for Safari 2.2.0 is released, fixing many previous issues reported by the users.

We’ve improved the mobile experience for Assistant users. Now, Now, when composing your prompt, you can effortlessly access settings for Assistant, including options for Research mode and Chat mode. Additionally, the entire prompt is now fully visible.

Improvements & Bug fixesKagi search on Firefox ESR 78 give JS error (previously fixed but happening again) #3055 @kagi-not-working Weather Widget Doesn’t Display when Asking for Temperature #3046 @bhagwad/ (slash) keyboard shortcut doesn’t scroll to top in safari #2989 @nullableQuick answer does not always show up on results page #3035 @stoyle Feb 6, 2024 – Two-factor authentication #FeaturesTwo-factor authentication (2FA) is now possible to further secure your Kagi account . This was the most upvoted feature on kagifeedback.org and we are glad to (finally) deliver it. You can set it up on your Settings page under the “Account” section. @Kai in #14

We added indication of results coming from Kagi’s own index. Look for doggo graphics in results information popup.

We’ve introduced the possibility to customise how hours are displayed in your account—choose between the 12 and 24-hour formats. To access this option, simply navigate to “General” under your account settings.

Improvements & Bug fixesIssues with how Quick Answer refers to search result items #3000 @leftium We continued tacking accessibility issues reported in #2923 @darekkay Additional features for news and other articles #2932 @DumbCalculator broken for basic mathematics #3087 @bgeron Wrong title for search result #2984 @stragerTranslation/Localization on “Phone” button and “Opens soon X PM/AM” #2976 @TheLastEnvoyRelaxed password restrictions to meet most recent standardsRedirect rules do not trim white space #3064 @gunslingerfrySafari for iOS Results Page Too Wide #3026 @TVPaulD Site details can be dismissed before it finishes appearing #1798 @tuesdaySwitch between search and assistant mode without clearing the search #2390 @mackid1993Inline LaTeX response in quick answer not rendering properly #3008 @gladiator2339 $_latex_inline in AI output #3073 @MightyPork Quick Answer renders “$” as “$_latex_inline” #3032 @arinazariMaps: Improve the UI-layout of the Inline-Maps Component on the Main Page Fix rendering bug in Directions Improvements to UI layout of POI Infobox

Jan 30, 2024 – Misc improvements and bug fixes #Improvements & Bug fixesThe weather widget now features a location button for users to set their precise locationRegion search doesn’t work when a lens is active #2933 @VapidInconsistent enrichment API results #2888 @Value7609 !m Maps Bang doesn’t search #2945 @andyrew1Search param dropdowns stay open #2902 @jrileyhBlank page after signup #2939 @petiole Time Ascending/Descending should contextually change to facilitate understanding #1387 @kfSearch input field initially scrolled out of view on mobile #2958 @tacocatIncreased number of image search results #2785 @KimLaughtonMaps search is broken; just returns local area #3015 @jamescridlandAssistantResearch Assistant now displays the uploaded reference photo on the right side during chat conversations for easy reference

Universal Summarizer now shows the reading time “saved” by summarizing a web pageMake Kagi Assistant’s sources respect regex redirects #2602 @KelResearch is not being given full context of the conversation #2950 @httpjamesAssistant input form doesn’t allow newlines on mobile #2731 @EvacuatedTerminalAssistant switching language during conversation #2982 @louIn other newsTeclis is live again. Teclis surfaces most of Kagi’s own index (non-commercial content) in a public way. Teclis is a hobby project by Kagi founder, maintained on a best effort single person basis, just to set the right expectations.Jan 24, 2024 – Celebrating 20k members #AnnouncementsToday, we’re happy and proud to have reached 20,000 members.

We have a special surprise for our community. Read everything about it in our blog post.

FeaturesKagi search extension for Chrome and Firefox 0.5.0 released Added support for FastGPT Fix: Kagi Extension API Key Not Persistent in Firefox ESR on Kali Linux #2234 @Maxpl01Z Fix: Kagi keeps saying invalid session token in firefox on linux after setting up successfully and working fine for a while. #2090 @bkw777a Fix: Firefox default search engine keeps resetting #2748 @Tulip

We’ve introduced an option to disable all personalizations (like blocked or raised domains) for your current search. Just click on “Options” — found at the top of the search results — and deselect “Personalized”. Suggested by #1943 @stoyle

New, automated status page following the learnings from the post-mortem last week

Improvements & Bug fixesAccessibility improvements #2923 @darekkayPerform a reverse image search with Kagi by pasting any image directly from your clipboard into the search bar. Suggested by #1704 @VIEWVIEWVIEWSearch yields no results #2953 @flat_reward”Time in Japan” shows the Wikipedia page for “suicide in Japan” #2877 @fexiiImage search not respecting minus / negative operator #2884 @Tiny_BeetleBangs have become case sensitive #2946 @httpjamesLens descriptions in settings are all truncated #2916 @ValPolyakhIssues with iOS keyboard cursor swipe gesture #1759 @TyPell91 Weather Widget Location Issue. #2852 @cempackNews and Web Search Returns Out of Date Results vs. Google #2764 @CrunchyFritosAdd a feedback button to the mobile menu #1616 @thislooksfunRedirect rule does not seem to be applied to “Interesting Finds” #2967 @frereitSome links in the wikipedia article preview do not work #2977 @tdf”Show more” button when there’s nothing more to show #2980 @eikowagenknechtAssistantWe’ve added Mistral Medium to our Assistant, available to Ultimate subscribers

Research Assistant now respects your preferences for domain rankings when gathering information. It recognizes the websites you’ve pinned, promoted, demoted, or blocked, ensuring tailored search results. Inspired by #2533 @ZambyteWhen invoking chat in assistant wrong model is selected #2909 @stoyleAssistant Chat GPT4 truncates Input on Mobile #2882 @jhkmnlFastGPT should autofocus on the prompt field on load #2676 @mhitza Support for research assistant math results with latex #2925 @Mg432Code examples show “$_latex_inline” in place of any $ character #2966 @mhershJan 16, 2024 – Quick Peek, Enhanced Local Business search, Usenet lens, GPT4-vision in Assistant, and Outage Post-Mortem #Announcements We added “Quick Peek” widget to our results. With this addition you will find additional relevant results about the query you are searching. This feature can be easily enabled / disabled in the Search Settings.

We added additional sources for local businesses to our inline maps search results. Inline maps should be more responsive now when searching for specific local businesses. More improvements to come. Related issue: Local business / open hours #2477 @partlycloudy

Find hidden treasures from the early days of the web through the new Usenet / Archive search lens

Kagi Assistant (available as open beta for Ultimate members) now leverages GPT4-vision model to better understand and describe images. You can test this improved functionality by uploading images or providing image URLs for the Kagi Assistant to analyse.

Edit: A member just emailed saying “the example you have is wrong about 7 of the 10 “Key Points” (only the restaurant name, VAT amount, and amount tendered are correct).” Yes that can be the case with LLMs, we are not trying to present this as grounbreaking, we just integrated a model and the example is as good as the underlying model. This is clearly demonstrating its limitations and it is what it is. We are currently using the best commercially available vision model on the market and it is our desire to emphasize that access to this and other world’s cutting edge LLM’s are all included in the Assistant with one Kagi subscription. No doubt they will get better in the future.

Outage post-mortem We’ve dissected last Thursday’s events and the steps we’re taking in response in a detailed post-mortem report. Thank you for bearing with us, and please look forward to a more robust service as we continue to improve.Improvements & Bug fixesSome summarized results display wrong language #2907 @Dustin Clear search button doesn’t work (Mobile Orion) #2870 @jeffdaleyLong filename text overflows in Assistant #2631 @swResearch Assistant incorrectly citing sources as “Item X” #2908 @Buffalo_TreeAssistant responses rendering real HTML elements #2650 @httpjamesFail to apply redirection rule to widget (e.g. wikipedia widget) in search result #2801 @FernandezLens excluded words not working #2643 @Recast Setting theme-color meta attribute doesn’t work #2868 @HolgerShort terms & quick answers add horizontal scrolling on mobile #2865 @VapidRendring markdown code snippets etc, is wrong in lists #2724 @stoyleSending two different questions to FastGPT causes responses to glitch #2480 @DeltAndyTransparent image filters not working #2402 @jesusKagi search personalised results bug #2867 @Repacking6528Country Codes should work when searching in Country Menu #998 @Imperator_of_allShield icon and popup panel metric are unclear how they relate #2668 @laserdinosaur[Discuss Document] SyntaxError: Unexpected token #2843 @RMcCurdyDOTcomUniversal Summarizer Hallucination #2652 @CrunchyFritosUniversal summarizer doesn’t show in Korean #2891 @HanbyulKimLukeQuick answer messes up viewport on mobile #2924 @stoyleLowering the ranking of gov.cn doesn’t work #2681 @PeterImages from text results show missing image for a few seconds after clicking #2844 @olly_kfMetacritic bang command (!mc) gives a 404, new URL needed #2920 @pdmJan 5, 2024 – Lemmy search lens and Safari extension update #📢 AnnouncementsWe have rolled back Kagi Search for Safari extension because of issues reported by users. The URL to download the rolled back version is the same apps.apple.com/us/app/kagi-search-for-safari/id1622835804. We are continuing the development of the 2.0 branch which is open source and you can follow the discussion here.

Kagi is popular on Lemmy and a lot of Lemmy users are using Kagi. We have released the first version of a Lemmy/Kbin search lens. #1659 @Nankeru

Quick answer and Summarize page are quicker and using streaming responses🪲 Bug fixes & ImprovementsImprovements to quality of results in user lensesWe are showing less subresults for single domain (it was sometimes overwhelming)Inline news widget shows more news stories when availableWeather widget should be displayed when searching for “temperature”, “humidity” etc #2704 @montag2k Cannot highlight search input without risking clearing the entire thing I typed #2779 @guissmo Irrelevant adult results for Chinese query #2633 @energize_detonator Autosuggest frequently recommends appending ‘fnaf’ to searches #2713 @RyologicSearch suggestion box showing -tags #2820 @BeNice Spurious NSFW result #2824 @grrr Empty Footnotes without References in Discuss Doc #2805 @CrunchyFritosLandscape mode on iOS does not render search/assistant widgets correctly #2778 @stoyleFix URL normalization/validation for summarizerRandom number in quick answer response #2800 @bertRegEx matching bug in redirect rules for your search results. #2840 @Fernandez Maps Search Doesn’t Load Android #2831 @purpledingo”enterprise movie” gives back result with Cyrillic spelling #2850 @inesicio Info card top is cut off #2811 @KaiTimer and stopwatch are broken #2771 @drdaemanDec 28, 2023 – Improved search results and new extension for Safari #📢 AnnouncementsWe have added Brave Search API as an additional source of results. With this, Brave API joins the growing list of Kagi’s search sources, ensuring that if you can not find something on Kagi, it does not exist on the web. This will come at no additional cost to you.

Kagi Assistant usage stats are now on the stats page. Assistant is still in beta and currently available to Ultimate plan users. We plan to roll it out to all members in January. #2141 @Grooty

We vastly improved Image search results. Check them here including all the powerful filters.

Kagi Search for Safari Extension 2.0 has just launched! We’ve updated the extension to be cross-platform and rewrote it from scratch for improved reliability, as well as a simpler way to get your Kagi searches going across your macOS and iOS devices, with Apple’s automatic extension state syncing.

Existing users of the iOS Kagi Search for Safari Extension are encouraged to install the cross-platform version from the App Store to continue receiving updates after the iOS-only extension is delisted (in July 2024). Until that time, the iOS-only extension will continue to receive the same updates and run the same underlying code as the cross-platform extension.

The migration to the Safari Web Extensions framework will require you to grant access to the Extension on the search engine during your first run. See the instructions in the app for details.

Release notes for extension:

[Fixed] Redirects should not experience intermittent failures

[Changed] You can override which search engine redirects to Kagi manually. The first time you install/upgrade to this version, the extension will attempt to detect your current Safari search engine

[Changed] You only need to provide extension access to urls on the search engine you are overriding.

🪲 Bug fixes & ImprovementsClickable anchors in changelog for easy sharing of changelog postsAdded new regional bangs !be_fr, !ca_fr, !ch_fr, !es_caQuery suggestions are too “greedy” #2750 @dcoates Custom CSS does not apply to the Assistant page. #2534 @Zambyte Semicolons aren’t properly handled in the search results page #2365 @laizKagi search interface no longer works on Firefox ESR #2766 @kagi-not-workingThis screen needs to be available on Localazy to be localized #2714 @TheLastEnvoy!staples search is broken #2772 @sidwolf6583″Are you finding this answer useful” overlay hard to close #2195 @timoOpening Quick Answer links in another tab #2556 @X145678908765Paywall indicator in the news tab #2663 @DumbMaking prorating clearer on the Pricing page #2736 @GrygrFlzrPage redirects / regexes don’t get applied to quick answer citations #2389 @xhat Allow Quick Bangs at end of query #1434 @macro Improved forgot password & reset password errorsFixed missing HN and Reddit comments on posts

AssistantFaster assistant responses (over 100 tok/sec for gpt-3.5-turbo)

Improvements to Fast Research assistant

Assistant on iOS and iPadOS, safari or orion, requires reload after question is posed #2776 @stoyle

Happy holidays from the Kagi team!Thank you for supporting us in this amazing year. Consider gifting Kagi to your friends and family and bring the joy of great web search to their homes. See you all in 2024!

Dec 21, 2023 – Kagi Search community event and new language regions #📢 AnnouncementsWe held our end-of-the-year Kagi Search community event featuring business update, year in review and questions and answers session. You can watch the recording here:

If you want to check out only the slide deck of the business update, click here.

One of the most requested features from the community was improved language/region support. In this update, we added support for Belgium (fr), Belgium (nl), Canada (en), Canada (fr), Spain (es), Spain (ca), Switzerland (de), Switzerland (fr) regions/languages #89 @tom

🪲 Bug fixes & ImprovementsPodcast results don’t link to the episodes #2268 @jamescridlandA quick way to block a result domain #2711 @truistLayout issue when switching plans on mobile #2721 @ForumNinja404PDF tag cut off for long paths #2710 @kevin51jiang Signup does not validate password #2696 @jimbo The Summarizer “Discuss further” doesn’t seem to work #2712 @JanPieterAttempting to mouse over Quick Answer feedback window dismisses feedback window #2664 @bertStopwatch resets on hour mark #2500 @abb128 !answer bang asks me to login when using a Private Session Link search URL in a new private browsing session #2401 @fawkesleyVisit links within location searches slightly off. #2716 @gabeioRedirect user to sign-in instead of sign-up on invalid OAuth2 loginProper www to non-www redirection #2703 @maddy Wrong time #2730 @AntonMakiievskyiRussian Wikipedia !bang is broken #2734 @fxgnUpdate !mcwiki to minecraft.wiki #2449 @sbrlGive more specific user API error when token is malformedClicking on any gift amount on the ‘Gift Kagi subscription’ page redirects to the main page #2756 @vankusssNo custom CSS in Video and News tabs #2706 @swStackoverflow title copied from query rather than site #1064 @nicstellaSearch suggestions must not disappear if I just keep typing what is already suggested #1893 @rs387Assistant📢 Announcements

We have implemented a new system allowing for longer input. All modes currently have a max of 6k characters per user query, this will be adjusted (upward) in the future✨ Features

New citation snippet designImproved robustness of attachment extraction🪲 Bugfixes

Long inputs with non-alphabetical characters may sometimes result in a 414 errorCitation snippet double HTML-escapingDec 14th, 2023 #🪲 Bug fixes & ImprovementsImage Search Returns NSFW Results/Porn With Safe Search Enabled #2490 @Kurtis02Login button for Universal Summarizer #2628 @Wrought5154Support to output Traditional Chinese in Universal Summarizer #2606 @PeterDaveHelloUnformatted bold tags in summarizer output #2694 @moretnfyhnBetter error messages when changing email doesn’t workTranslate doesn’t translate to specified language #1842 @GiorgiShalvashviliNew domain information popup shows previous favicon briefly #2655 @Jake-MossKagi doesn’t supply bold Lufga font, requiring the browser to synthesize it #2656 @bertSignin with Google: Access blocked: kagi.com has not completed the Google verification process #2666 @tjpnzA search for “esc pos protocol” shows a preview of Wikipedia’s page about the “P” letter #2494 @neysofuHackernews icons don’t show up correctly #2599 @Value7609Weather showing incorrect temperature #2680 @dmelcer9Search term gets cut after hashtag #2422 @JakSome regional bangs clash with existing ones #2229 @matmatDisplay phone number on search page #2647 @champs777Websites in inline maps results now have a button for copyingInline maps results now feature reviews

Assistant✨ Features

Research modes are less likely to respond “Unfortunately, I do not have enough information…” or similar. Where possible, we will take some extra time to re-search and try againSnippets won’t be shown from sources (Wolfram Alpha) whose API structures responses in a different manner than the website🪲 Bugfixes

Regression in citations when using Wolfram Alpha as a sourceAllow code to be copied while assistant is still typing #2219 @Reroute5183Assistant doesn’t render nested bullet points properly #2673 @httpjamesSummarizer & Kagi Assistant unable to summarize/process www.3m.com links. #2619 @EvacuatedTerminalAssistant hangs forever instead of timing out on unsuccessful attachment retrieval⚠️ Known Issues

Long inputs may sometimes result in a 414 error. We are working on a new system to allow much larger input sizes that should be rolled out very soon.Dec 7, 2023 – Paywalled articles indicator and improved weather widget #Nov 30, 2023 – Quality of life improvements #Kagi Search🪲 Bug fixes & ImprovementsCursor will not scroll to end of search for long queries on Android #2302 @zamJapanese input appears twice when using Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji input #2029 @nikke1234 Keyboard navigation doesn’t highlight instant answer #2396 @danbulant Lens not scoping correcty #2250 @RediwedMobile – Responsive issues. #2509 @cempackWikipedia widget empty pane #2423 @Value7609Kagi bangs without query should take you to the corresponding Kagi search page #2316 @bertReverse image search: search bar text overlap with thumbnail #2278 @FrederickZhAbility to navigate to Kagi Assistant when advanced search is enabled #2298 @NeztebLaptop screen – responsive issues. #2508 @cempack Add upload date for YouTube video results #2526 @Yiin Show a message when trying to search in an incognito window while not logged in #1830 @ThomasSStackOverflow widget formatting is broken #2452 @fxgnHigher quality results for “News” Further improved latency for Australia region (after launching the new DC Sydney two weeks ago)Missing attribution in map #2041 @02JanDal Content-Security-Policy missing on Summarizer #2527 @promenadenYouTube link not encoded properly on clicking the “discuss further” button on the summarization page #2564 @platyhsuFixed reported XSS in Universal Summarizer and FastGPTSearching for “the boys” triggers shopping widget #2595 @terminalnodeSummerizer no longer works with direct link #2570 @inesicioSummarizer unable to summarize bugs.chromium.org #2562 @EvacuatedTerminal Kagi Assistant✨ Features

Citation snippets:- Hover or click an inline citation and review the source text- Where possible, clicking the inline citation link directly to the relevant part of the webpageShow Assistant on landing page with Advanced Search openImproved LLM speed and reliability🪲 Bugfixes

Incorrect formatting in Fast mode #2567 @NevevrAlakResearch assistant upload file modal squished on mobile #2552 @EvacuatedTerminalCustom assistant settings use the wrong model #2510 @houstonChat glitches when scrolling up #2435 @feedbackhaxVarious small UX fixes⚠️ Known Issues

Low contrast citation snippets in dark mode. Bugfix should be out within a couple daysLong inputs with non-alphabetical characters may sometimes result in a 414 error. We are working on a new system to allow much larger input sizesNov 16, 2023 – GPT 4 Turbo, Australia region, Sales Tax #📢 AnnouncementsWe are making GPT 4 Turbo available in Kagi Assistant (Kagi Assistant is currently in closed beta and available to Ultimate members)

Summarize any page on the web with Kagi Search extensions for Chrome and Firefox (0.4.2). We added support for Summarizer language setting and summary type. This feature is free for all Kagi members, try it out!

We are now deployed in Australia (Sydney), yay! This will reduce latency for our members in this part of the world. We care about speed a lot!

Here is a map of all Kagi data center locations currently.

Kagi is growing up! You’ve all seen and participated in the incredible growth of the past few months, thank you. It also means we’ll need to start looking at where we need to start charging sales tax/VAT on behalf of your state/government. We’re in the process of looking at the details, and we will do our best to make this as seamless as possible. Expect more information soon.

Our tech lead Zac Nowicki recently gave a talk at Crystal Conf. Zac shares a summary of lessons, technology, ideas, and challenges after building a search engine product from the ground up in Crystal for the past three years. Watch the presentation.

We have a great discussion about Kagi Email in ⁠our Discord. Join us!

🪲 Bug fixes & ImprovementsFixed Inline discussions not showing actual discussionsNo search bang for no_region, only for regions #2475 @bgeronKeyboard shortcuts are difficult to find #2252 @janfoehUnsanitized square brackets in FastGPT #2470 @felkrInformation icon next to Total searches this period on billing page does not provide information #2495 @bebowilson GTA 6 returns “reviews” for game that doesn’t exist #2488 @lolrepeatlolFastGPT API results are different (and much worse) than kagi.com/fastgpt #2504 @estheruaryFastGPT web version and API doesn’t provide the same result #1690 @doomUniversal Summarizer reports that multi-page PDF files are too short to summarize #1962 @scottharrisAlbum of The Year bang !aoty with a search redirects to the wrong URL #2485 @haakon Bang !cron is broken #2459 @loloriz!gog bang not working correctly #2287 @Xamrica Fun fact on stats page has wrong text #2442 @Jake-Moss Gift activation links overflow #2420 @httpjamesLens name truncated in settings #2397 @timmmThe Summarizer extension language option #2507 @cempack[Chrome Extension] [Summarizer] Extension always uses Summary, instead of Key Moments #2321 @rswerveKagi Assistant📢 AnnouncementsGPT-4 Turbo now available to Ultimate membersIncreased custom Assistant prompt length (1500 chars) #2150 @AndroidKitKat🪲 BugfixesShow custom mode name in settings #2294 @TheLastEnvoy⚠️ Known IssuesLong inputs with non-alphabetical characters may sometimes result in a 414 error. We are working on a new system to allow much larger input sizesNov 3, 2023 – New region and mysterious Kagi surprise #📢 AnnouncementsWe launched a new deployment in South America (São Paulo) datacenter region to reduce latency for our members there. Next week we plan to also expand datacenter operations to Australia (Sydney) region.Starter plan Annual plan changed to 3600 searches/year (vs 300 month) to make it more flexibleNew live Kagi Stats page. Have a go at guessing the mysterious surprise here✨ FeaturesGeneral settings (including language preference) now available for Kids accounts in the Family Plan #2306 @ploum🪲 Bug fixes & ImprovementsBlocked domain still appears in “confident answer” #2405 @erandebl Icons in the search bar overlap with text #2074 @Michele144″Search with” query URL encoding #2222 @feedbackhax Adding a search engine shortcut broken: TypeError #2218 @ni_somethingNixopt bang does not work #2352 @niclasoverby According to docs bang !si should be regional, but it is used elsewhere #2216 @hook FastGPT should not automatically open the keyboard on mobile after it is finished writing the response. #2085 @Protech Adding a search engine shortcut broken: TypeError #2218 @ni_somethingMore results resets country #1277 @benelgar Incorrect “what is my IP” response #2412 @VexAlternatives to pay per use search for Standard/Starter plan #2018 @KagiForMe Images widget always shows images in portrait boxes on mobile #2178 @Michele144When accessing Kagi News from a smartphone, display 2 rows of text for each item inside the Interesting News section #1625 @DavidSafari-pinned-tab.svg redirects to 404 #2009 @cyann Universal Summarizer does not summarize podcasts #2109 @nbanksCloud animations on Kagi start page use excessive CPU resources #300 @slartoff Tapping on the empty suggestion region should close it #2233 @Browsing6853 Show the number of ranked domains #2246 @chris_20017Summmarizer does not work for some websites #2334 @Roovesta Search button under the reverse image search is not aligned in the centre #2179 @Repacking6528 “Open in Web Archive” doesn’t honor “Open Links in a New Tab” setting #2123 @securemeplsFlash caused by meta theme color #2165 @ysunFun fact on stats page has wrong t
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