[Submitted on 15 Jun 2023]

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Abstract: We introduce Infinigen, a procedural generator of photorealistic 3D scenes of
the natural world. Infinigen is entirely procedural: every asset, from shape to
texture, is generated from scratch via randomized mathematical rules, using no
external source and allowing infinite variation and composition. Infinigen
offers broad coverage of objects and scenes in the natural world including
plants, animals, terrains, and natural phenomena such as fire, cloud, rain, and
snow. Infinigen can be used to generate unlimited, diverse training data for a
wide range of computer vision tasks including object detection, semantic
segmentation, optical flow, and 3D reconstruction. We expect Infinigen to be a
useful resource for computer vision research and beyond. Please visit
this https URL for videos, code and pre-generated data.

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From: Lahav Lipson [view email]


Thu, 15 Jun 2023 17:46:16 UTC (48,485 KB)

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