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System info for Python made simple.
PlatformInfo is designed to provide a simple, yet granular interface to find system information on all major operating systems within Python.


  • Return kernel AND kernel version for Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Return OS versions for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Return OS build numbers for Windows, Mac
  • Return desktop environments
  • Return architecture (Linux/Mac only, Windows planned)


  • Python 3 or up


To install PlatformInfo, you can download install it with pip (recommended) or install it from the development wheel.

PyPi install (recommended):
pip install platforminfo

Manual install
Download it from our Development CI and run `pip install /path/to/platforminfo-nightly.whl’

Quick Start Guide:

TO start, import platforminfo and create a Platform object

import platforminfo
computer = platforminfo.Platform()

To access information, find the name of the information you want (in this example I want osVersion).

import platforminfo
computer = platforminfo.Platform()

value = computer.osVersion()

Feature Requests

If you have a suggestion, feel free to submit a feature request.
You can grab the nightly builds on our Development CI

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