I block ads in the browser.

I block ads at the DNS level.

I block analytics, metrics, reporting and diagnostic logging.

I block programmatic pleas to disable ad-blocking.

I block the ping attribute on URLs.

I block tracking beacons.

I strip UTM campaign tags.

I unshorten URLs.

I block the page visibility API.

I stop videos from autoplaying.

I block prompts to install your app.

I block all cookies that aren’t strictly required for your site to function.

I opt out of allowing apps to ask to track me.

I filter sponsored content out of the RSS feeds I follow.

I block email pixel trackers.

I provide a masked email address.

I unsubscribe from your mailing list (and block your address if I can’t).

I don’t answer the phone unless you’re in my contacts.

I block and report SMS messages.

I pay a company to wrangle data brokers.

I throw your physical mail in the recycling without opening it and unsubscribe from it when I can.

I block ads, and you should too.

Let the products sell themselves

Fuck advertising, commercial psychology

Psychological methods to sell should be destroyed

Minutemen, Shit from an Old Notebook, 1984

Update: For a list of adblocking resources (and to contribute your own), please see Awesome adblock.

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