Take you to develop a Web3 RWA(Real World Assets) wallet from scratch

Use competitions to promote project implementation

Recently, I signed up for a new Polkadot Hackathon competition. The prize money for this competition is very generous. The first place is about 40,000 US dollars, but I have no idea whether I can win the prize.

In fact, the main purpose of participating in the competition is to create a sense of urgency for me to promote the implementation of my idea. This time I plan to build a Web3 RWA wallet, and this time the code is also directly open source.

During the project landing process, I can write a small book to introduce the technical principles of this project, etc.

In fact, I wanted to write a full-stack Web3 training course for a long time, but it never landed because I have been participating in various Web3 hackathon competitions or researching new technologies.

Wallet development will involve front-end, back-end, browser plug-ins, Web3 and other knowledge.

In this process, I hope to sort out some related technologies for developing this wallet little by little, and finally form a book.

Eventually, this book will be published on the blockchain by Web3Blog.World, the Web3 book publishing platform that I am also developing.

At that time, each chapter will have a one-time payment logic on the corresponding blockchain to support the needs of some readers who do not want to read the original book but only read some chapters.

The project code is open source

This Web3 RWA wallet project is completely open source.

Current project status: #15

During the competition, the code was put here: https://github.com/NftTopBest/hackathon-2023-summer/tree/main/projects/01-NFT-Fi-Twitter/code

After the competition, it will be moved to the Web3Hacker-World organization headquarters: https://github.com/Web3Hacker-World/web3-rwa-wallet

Applicable people and content planning of the book

This book is suitable for those who have a certain programming foundation, preferably with a front-end foundation, but if you think you have more learning ability or time, you can also participate with zero foundation, but it will be more difficult!

Each chapter is actually the process of advancing the development of this wallet and the problems we encounter every day.

This book is actually a tutorial book that focuses on actual combat. The best way to learn a certain technology is to learn or read a certain knowledge with goals and questions.

For example, after confirming that I wanted to write my own wallet for Web3Hacker.World, I started to study the wallet principle of MetaMask.

In the process of researching the principles, I wrote an article to introduce the knowledge I learned.

This process may be tortuous and lengthy, but I think it will be more meaningful than simply learning a certain technical knowledge point and then developing it all at once.

So after writing a few articles, I decided to turn this into a book.

In this way, in the process of developing the wallet together with everyone, we can gradually sort out this knowledge information and share it with more people.

At the same time, in the process of learning together, you may also think of some functions of the wallet waiting to be developed, then you can use your spare time to participate in the development of the code of this part of the module, and then output the chapters of the book.

This may be a process of Learn by doing, and we may be more like Learn by building && booking.

At present, the chapters of the book are still clear, because the wallet has just begun to be developed.

But the ultimate intention of the tutorial is to hope that everyone can learn with me step by step how to develop and implement the wallet.

In the last month, I will strive to update the wallet code every day, and there will be a 10-minute video demonstration at 21:00 every day to explain the progress code of the day.

Of course, if you have any questions, you can also answer them in the video conference.

Note, the video will be shared online!

Articles related to this book that have been published so far:

Early Bird Program

  • The price limit for the top 10 is 99RMB.
  • 11 – 100 people limit the price to 199RMB.
  • The final price of this book will be 300RMB, and will receive lifetime update support.
  • After becoming a member, forward and recommend new members, old members will get 20% rebates, and new members will get 20% rebates.

Additionally, this book will be part of the Full Stack Life Hacker Handbook, but that book will be priced higher and will be a membership access to all Web3Hacker.World resources.

This book is directly open to buyers of the Full Stack Life Hacker Handbook book and Web3Hacker.World’s seed user members and hacker members without additional payment.

I am Bruce from Web3Hacker.World, I was All In Web3 in May 2022, and I participated in more than 10 hackathons in a row and got about 15 track awards and Grants within three months).

Later, I experienced a rest, moved to the seaside (lazy for a few months), and learned a lot of new technologies. Now a new round of Web3 nuggets has begun.

This wave mainly revolves around the BuidlerProtocol created by me to create a cross-chain Web3 App Store ecological platform of Everything can be Web3 to create various DApps with different practical application scenarios. Participate in various hackathon competitions and try Obtain investment from Web3 investment agency.

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