htmx 1.9.0 Release

I’m happy to announce the 1.9.0 release of htmx.

New Features

  • Support for view transitions, based on the experimental View Transitions API
    currently available in Chrome 111+ and coming to other browsers soon.
  • Support for “naked” hx-trigger attributes, where an hx-trigger is present on an element
    that does not have an hx-get, etc. defined on it. Instead, it will trigger the new htmx:triggered event, which can
    be responded to via your preferred scripting solution.
  • Support for generalized inline event handling via the new hx-on attribute, which addresses
    the shortcoming of limited onevent properties attributes in HTML.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • The htmx website has been migrated from 11ty to zola by @danieljsummers, cutting
    way down on the number of “development” javascript dependencies
  • A memory leak fix by @croxton

Thank you to everyone who contributed, and enjoy!

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